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The KapCo x Artist Collaboration (feat. Elora Pautrat)

The KapCo x Artist Collaboration (feat. Elora Pautrat)

The KapCo x Artist Collaboration (feat. Elora Pautrat)

The KapCo® is officially launching a new series in collaboration with popular artists and designers around the globe. We are partnering with both accomplished and uprising artists to provide premium keycaps and creative designs for you! This collaboration is intended to bridge the gap between artists and keyboard enthusiasts and opening the world of keycaps to a wider audience.


What is The KapCo x Artist?

The KapCo is thrilled to announce that we are collaborating with extremely talented individuals on the exclusive Artist Collaboration Collection! Partnering and supporting skillful artists to build our community and grow together has always been our priority. Our role as a keycap studio is to provide our knowledge and expertise in introducing artists to the world of keycaps. In return, they use The KapCo as a platform to showcase their creative skills- designing and refining their custom-made keycaps just for YOU!

We would like to kickoff this new collection with the masterful art of Elora Pautrat, an aspiring French artist. Going by the handle @owakita on Instagram, Elora has garnered over 72k followers with her ethereal art on display. Her art is nothing short of breathtaking, mixing modern and traditional illustrations. 


The Alter, Elora Pautrat


Introducing Artists to the World of Keycaps 


✧  Our Mission ✧ 

We aspire to empower artists to express their creative art on premium keycaps. 

✧  Our Vision ✧ 

We aspire to be the leading platform for keycap shopping, ranging from basic colorways to brilliant artist designs.

As a keycap studio, we will explore and scour the earth for talented artists, illustrators, designers and geniuses. All just to give them a chance to exhibit their work of art on our social platforms and more importantly, keycap merchandise to be used by fans!


What to Expect?

You can expect new The KapCo x Artist keycaps releases every month! We are really excited to show you the exquisite designs coming your way. In the mean time, you can propose your favorite artist to work with The KapCo! Drop us a dm on our socials, comment on our posts and we'll hear you out. Due to popular demand, every design from this collection is a Limited Edition Merchandise. Support these talented artists and order yours now!

Where to Shop?

You favorite designer keycaps set is just one click away. You can shop in The KapCo webstore In our Artist Collection. Our newest release is Night in the Neko City Keycaps by The Kapco x Owakita_. The keycaps set is completed with matching desk mat and wrist rests to put  the cherry on top. Get your Owakita exclusive keycaps HERE!

Night in Neko City

Night in the Neko City, The KapCo x Owakita_



  • All Artist Collection keycap sets are LIMITED EDITION. Get yours while stocks last!

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