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About us

Our Value

The era of mechanical keyboards is upon us; people will own them as they would a pair of sneakers or jackets.

We are committed to adding colors and style to every mechanical keyboard out there, whether for aesthetic purposes or simply to replace worn and damaged keycaps.

The KapCo aims to bring out the best in keycaps.

Who are The KapCo?

The KapCo. is formed by a team of 5 young people who share a similar passion for keycaps. Our team consists of talented designers, passionate marketers, and of course, keycap enthusiasts! Bit by bit, we've grown into a structured company that strives for a single objective:

"Everyone deserve to type on their favorite mechanical keyboard!"

Why choose The KapCo?

We guarantee to provide our customers with a unique and exclusive style of custom mechanical keyboards and keycap sets! Our bold and creative personality ensures that our products meet the preferences of every fellow enthusiast!

The KapCo offers the largest variety of custom keyboard styles in the market! There is definitely something for everyone here at The KapCo.

"Its all about the Kap"

Start With Us!

Purchasing a mechanical keyboard shouldn't be a hassle.

At The KapCo, we eliminate the "complexity" and offer you a straightforward, easy, and the best product at a single fair price.

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