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Top 5 Christmas Gifts in The KapCo!

Top 5 Christmas Gifts in The KapCo!

Top 5 Christmas Gifts in The KapCo!

°❆⋆.ೃ࿔* December is here*࿔.ೃ❆° 


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It is when you count your blessings for the year and make the best memories. As we slowly close the final chapter of 2023, we’d like to review the 5 best presents you can get for Christmas.


We have scrutinized every The KapCo product, from keyboards to keycaps to mystery boxes. The top 5 list is determined by analyzing its quality, function, aesthetics, performance and fan-favorites. After going through a rigorous process of deciding what makes the top 5, here are some honorary mentions.


Honorary Mentions

  •  TTC Frozen Silent Switches

TTC switch


TTC Frozen Silent Switches

These switches overpowers the rest in terms of quality and performance. The silent linear switch is perfect for a muted and smooth, orgasmic typing experience. What’s better than having ice-cold switches mid-winter? The cold didn’t bother us anyway!
  • Variekeys Thunderbolt Switches

Variekeys switch

Variekeys Thunderbolt Switches

These colorful switches are superior in the aspect of aesthetics and function. Its striking color of red and turquoise fits perfectly as a Christmas decoration. The appealing clicks it makes are perfect to annoy your siblings throughout this festive season.


  •  Outemu Silent Lime Switches

    Outemu Silent Lime Switch

    Outemu Silent Lime Switches

    A silent night gives you a calm and peaceful escape from reality. Engrossed in your game or authoring a lovely story, these silent lime switches are perfect for this occasion. Adorned in a soothing lime green, these quality switches are exceptional in terms of affordability at only $13 USD for 35 pcs!


    With that out of the way, let’s head straight into the top 5 The KapCo products that’ll make excellent Christmas presents. Upon asking our core team at The Kapco, we are finally able to come up with the best Xmas-inspired best sellers. The list is a combination of quality keyboards and keycaps engineered for performance.


    Top 5 Christmas Gifts from The KapCo, by The KapCo.


    #5: Play 100 Mechanical Keyboard Kit

    PLAY 100

    Kitsune 2.0 Keycaps on Play 100

    This keyboard has been crowned one of Kapco’s bestselling full-key layout keyboards. We have received many good reviews from users around the globe and it's easily one of the best mechanical keyboards for customization! Its standout feature is the removable magnetic frame, which comes in many beautiful colors. These frames are not only visually appealing but are also perfect to match your keycap design!


    #4: GMK67 Barebone Kit


    Tokyo Day Keycaps on GMK67 (White)

    Winning the Play 100 by a hair is the hottest keyboard we have in our store, the GMK67! This 66-key keyboard is not only elegant and stylish; but is also loaded with features and functions that make it one of the most flexible and customizable keyboards in the market. The GMK67 is compact and budget friendly; which makes it the perfect starting point for keyboard customization.


    #3: Mocankeys Xmas Special Keycaps


    Just imagine that stunning beauty sitting on your keyboard. It’s just exploding with Christmas spirit! Mocankeys have newly released their seasonal Xmas keycaps, adorned in red, white and green. It truly makes a special and personalizes gift this festive season. Carefully crafted with the MOA profile, these keycaps are comfortable and appealing! Make someone's Christmas wish come true with these unique keycaps!


    #2: Greekeys Collection Keycaps


    Greekeys Collection

    Christmas is all about celebrating joy and togetherness. On behalf of The KapCo, we would like to spread happiness with everyone by honoring our Greekeys Collection featuring Medusa, Poseidon and Athena. These three Greek goddesses were specially designed on keycaps, desk mats and limited-edition posters and have easily become fan favorites. This series is special to us as it paves the way for new collections in the future. Greekeys will forever hold a special place in our hearts, and it is with pleasure we would like to announce that there are only LIMITED STOCKS LEFT for each keycap design. If you haven’t gotten at least one of the goddesses, get it now before it's out of stock for good!


    #1: Night in the Neko City Keycaps (The KapCo x Owakita_)


    Night in The Neko City Keycaps

    The top spot is solely reserved for our first, most amazing collaboration with a talented artist to craft a visually appealing and high-quality keycap set. This keycap set marks our first partnership with Owakita_, a 3-D artist and illustrator known for her mesmerizing art. This newly-released design deserves the #1 spot as a Christmas gift just by looking at how beautiful the design by Owakita_ is. Save more with the keycaps, desk mat & wrist rest bundle set. Order our hot-selling trending keycaps now!


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