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NEW-IN-STORE: The HJS AL75 Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

NEW-IN-STORE: The HJS AL75 Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

NEW-IN-STORE: The HJS AL75 Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

The Kapco®, a world-leading keycap studio providing high-performance gear for gamers and keyboard enthusiasts just announced the launch of a new keyboard that delivers quality and premium play for all: the HJS AL75. Debuting with HJS AL65, the AL75 mechanical keyboard offers a refined typing experience in an 82-Key, 75% layout. Whether you’re a casual player or an aspiring keyboard enthusiast, your purpose begins with HJS AL75.


The Kapco’s HJS AL75 premium barebone kit introduces a full CNC aluminum housing, hot-swappable switches, a gasket-mounted plate, a slotting design and even RGB are ideally suited for keyboard enthusiasts and gamers. Surrounding the switches are five layers of premium sound dampening foam for a productive and enjoyable experience. With this, you’ll experience optimized acoustics that makes typing and gaming enjoyable.


The HJS AL75 makes it easy to personalize your collection. Customizing switches to your preferred touch and feel has never been easier. Simply pop them into the PCB sockets to enjoy the click and clack of your switches! This barebone kit comes with an option to include exclusive switches with the keyboard. Take a look at what we offer here:


  • Jerrzi Violet Axis


  • Gateron G Pro Yellow


  • Gateron G Pro Silver


  • TTC Frozen Silent V2



Another way to customize your keyboard is getting your favorite colors and animation design printed onto your keycaps. Most of the keycaps in the market are compatible with Cherry MX-style switches and its clones. You may further tap into your personal style and preference by getting custom keycaps or artisan keycaps!


Beyond superior sound and feel, the HJS AL75 delivers on high-caliber durability and design. With such brilliant performance and quality at an affordable price, the HJS AL75 empowers you to type and game with a peace of mind.


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