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Natsu Matsuri Keycaps: Now Available in ASA Profiles

Natsu Matsuri Keycaps: Now Available in ASA Profiles

Natsu Matsuri Keycaps: Now Available in ASA Profiles

June 14, 2024 - Yes, that's right! The KapCo's hot-selling Natsu Matsuri keycap set is now available in the form of ASA profile. If you're new to the scene, this is the chance to fall in love with this keycap set! Featuring The KapCo's in-house keycap designer, @Powdersea, this keycap set was released back in February 2023. 

Keyboard set

It has been some times since the Natsu Matsuri keycap set is sold out, so The KapCo is here with a big revamp! This keycap set will be available in the original Cherry Profile version & an upgraded ASA Profile version. A total of 300 units will be added to The KapCo's inventory, head over & enjoy the special $20 OFF before June 2024!

Natsu Matsuri keycaps

On top of that, we are introducing an alternative keycap profiles - ASA profile. ASA profile keycaps are more rounded and spherical compared to Cherry profile, perfect for people looking for something different on their custom keyboard!

The Natsu Matsuri Keycaps are made of high quality, duo-layered PC PBT material, ensuring top tier durability even for intense hours of typing action. If you opt for the ASA Profile Natsu Matsuri keycap set, you'll receive a total of 121-keys including additional keys & novelties keys. This keycap set will fit on all sizes of standard ANSI layout mechanical keyboard with MX style / MX Cherry switches.

Natsu Matsuri keycaps

Get your Natsu Matsuri set in the KapCo Original collection today!


  • The Natsu Matsuri set is restocked with a $20 discount until the end of June 2024 only.
  • Try out the brand new ASA profile Natsu Matsuri set!
  • DM @thekapco now if you have any inquiries. 



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