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A Nurturing Ground for Creative Minds: Introducing The 燃 Resurgence Set

A Nurturing Ground for Creative Minds: Introducing The 燃 Resurgence Set

A Nurturing Ground for Creative Minds: Introducing The 燃 Resurgence Set

June 28, 2024 - The KapCo is super excited to collaborate with Mobius Academy, introducing - the 燃 Resurgence set!

燃 Resurgence keycaps

You might be wondering what Mobius is. Mobius Academy is a Training Qualifications United Kingdom (TQUK) endorsed institution specialising in Level 6 Higher Diploma in Interior Design and Level 6 Higher Diploma in Digital Illustration, based in Malaysia. Founded in 2018, Mobius Academy has many bright graduates in the arts and design field. The KapCo is honored to collaborate with Mobius and create a keycap set, deskmat and wristrest.

The Design

燃 Resurgence keycaps

The 燃 Resurgence keycap set features a contrasting color scheme, primarily involving dark blue and orange. In contrast to dark blue, the orange keycaps really pop out and appeal to the eyes. The design is fairly simple and minimalistic, with the main emphasis on the spacebar, featuring a beautiful artwork intricately drawn by Mobius Academy. The occasional incorporation of the baby blue keycaps adds a really nice touch to the keyboard.

The Keycaps

燃 Resurgence keycaps

The 燃 Resurgence keycaps are made of high quality duo-layered PC PBT material, ensuring the keycaps are more durable and resistant to wear, discoloration and shine. Additionally, the keycaps are dye-sublimation printed which means the legends on them are long-lasting and will not fade away easily. The keycaps feature the ASA profile, a sculpted keycap profile which reduces hand fatigue and improves ergonomics due to the slight angle that the keycaps have.

The Deals

燃 Resurgence keycaps

The KapCo offers many buying options for the 燃 Resurgence set, including keyboard set, keycap set, deskmat and wristrest. You may purchase each of them seperately.

The keycap set consists of 121 keys which include additional keys. The keyboard set includes a keyboard kit with switches pre-installed along with the Mobius keycap set, simply put the keycaps on and you are good to go!

The keyboard set features the Zuoya GMK87 keyboard kit which is a TKL layout, equipped with Gateron G Pro Yellow 2.0 switches that are pre-lubed, giving you a smooth typing experience. 

The keycap set includes a total of 121 keys which include additional keys for different keyboard layouts. So this means that the keycaps are compatible with all sizes of standard ANSI layout mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX/ MX style switches. Not sure if it fits on your keyboard? DM us @thekapco.

The Pre-orders Date

The 燃 Resurgence set is available for pre-order starting July 3, 2024. Pre-order lasts until the end of the month and orders will be shipped out on July 31, 2024. Stay tuned and watch out for the 燃 Resurgence set in the KapCo Artist collection!


  • Pre-order starts on July 3, 2024.
  • DM us @thekapco if you have any inquiries. 

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