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KapCo Unveils February's Artist Collaboration Keycap Set: Web Ramen Ft. Ilustrata

KapCo Unveils February's Artist Collaboration Keycap Set: Web Ramen Ft. Ilustrata

KapCo Unveils February's Artist Collaboration Keycap Set: Web Ramen Ft. Ilustrata

Kuala Lumpur - February 6, 2024 - The KapCo, a growing brand specializing in enthusiast-level keycap sets for mechanical keyboards, has collaborated with @ilustrata once again to unveil the Web Ramen keycap set in February 2024.

The KapCo Web Ramen Keycaps ft. Ilustrata

Photo taken in The KapCo Studio

If the illustrations by @ilustrata catch your eye, here's some exciting news! KapCo is offering a complete keycap set (121-keys, Cherry Profile, 1.5mm PBT keycaps), as well as options for an XXL desk mat and wrist rest. The Web Ramen design is dye-sublimated onto the keycaps, desk mat, and wrist rest, significantly increasing their lifespan and wear resistance.

The KapCo Web Ramen Keycaps, deskmat & wristrest

Web Ramen Set's deskmat & wristrest

Looking to save the hassle of building your own keyboard from scratch? Grab the Web Ramen Keyboard Set variant here, and you'll receive a keyboard kit with switches installed. Simply put on the Web Ramen keycaps onto the keyboard kit, and you're ready-to-type!

The Web Ramen Keyboard Set is an exclusive bundle recommended by our team at The KapCo. Carefully curated for the best aesthetic and an ASMR-worthy typing experience, this keyboard set features the Zuoya GMK81 mechanical keyboard kit equipped with Gateron G Pro Yellow 2.0 switches. Additionally, it includes a full set of Web Ramen Keycaps packaged specially to enhance your unboxing experience!

For experienced KapCo fans, opting for an "a la carte" keycap set might be a better choice.

The collaborating artist, Ilustrata, is an illustration studio based in Brazil, well-known among the local artist community. They have previously worked with @casetify and various T-shirt brands, showcasing their vintage, Japanese-retro vibes in their art. One of their popular pieces that you might have heard of is the Nekomancer!

The KapCo Web Ramen Keycap Set

Web Ramen Keycaps featured on GMK81 Keyboard

The Web Ramen Set will be available in KapCo's official web store this February 2024, with a limited quantity of 300 sets of keycaps. The retail price for the keycap set will be $80, including a total of 121 keys and a KapCo 2-in-1 keyswitch puller.

Perfect for casual typists and keyboard enthusiasts, the Cherry profile and 1.5mm PBT keycaps will provide an ergonomic typing experience, with a unique added aesthetic. Combined with an acoustic "thocky" upgrade from the extra-thick 1.5mm keycap walls, these keycap sets by KapCo breathe new life into any keyboard!

"Keycaps are the cloth of keyboards; together with Ilustrata, we bring arts & meaning to your daily typing machine!" - KapCo

Key Takeaways:

  • The KapCo x Artist Collection reveals its latest keycap set - the Web Ramen Set ft. Ilustrata.
  • Love the Web Ramen set but not sure if it fits your keyboard? DM us @thekapco now.

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