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Cat-ify Your Desk with the Gluttony Cat Deskmat ft. @onitatu99

Cat-ify Your Desk with the Gluttony Cat Deskmat ft. @onitatu99

Cat-ify Your Desk with the Gluttony Cat Deskmat ft. @onitatu99

Kuala Lumpur - February 23, 2024 The KapCo is thrilled to reveal our next release in the KapCo Artist Collection, introducing - The Gluttony Cat Deskmat, featuring Japanese artist and illustrator @onitatu99. A "purr-fect" addition for cat lovers who spend long hours at a work desk!

The Gluttony Cat Deskmat

Gluttony cat deskmat

Hungry calico cat illustrated by @onitatu99


 40cm x 90 cm


Ultra-smooth micro-woven surface


Anti-slip Rubber


Double-stitched edge




The Gluttony Cat Deskmat is perfect for everyday use, providing great cushioning and comfort for your resting and typing space! The ultra-smooth micro-woven surface is ideal for users who need precise mouse control, such as gamers and professionals.

Drawing inspiration from his daily interactions with various feline friends, the Gluttony Cat Deskmat showcases a happy calico cat enjoying a huge feast for its Saturday brunch. The original artwork was created using acrylic paint, digitalized onto a deskmat to add a unique touch to your workspace.

Gluttony Cat Deskmat

"Collaboration between The KapCo & 鬼辰カケル@猫描き職人"

The Gluttony Cat Deskmat is now live in The KapCo official webstore, head over & check it out here!


Key Takeaways:

  • Latest KapCo Artist Collection's Deskmat is here, featuring Gluttony Cat ft.onitatu99
  • Have question about the Gluttony Cat Deskmat? DM us @thekapco now.

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