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Keyboard with Customizable LCD - Introducing Zuoya GMK81 & GMK87

Keyboard with Customizable LCD - Introducing Zuoya GMK81 & GMK87

Keyboard with Customizable LCD - Introducing Zuoya GMK81 & GMK87

Kuala Lumpur - February 20, 2024 After gaining great success with the well-known budget custom keyboard kit - GMK67, the manufacturer Zuoya has unveiled two more keyboards in their GMK keyboard kit line. Introducing the GMK81 & GMK87 Mechanical Keyboard Kit!

GMK87 LCD Screen

Customizable LCD Screen on the GMK87

The Zuoya GMK81 & GMK87 are considered a big "steal" as they offer a fully customizable 0.96-inch LCD screen at an affordable price range. This feature, combined with their programmability with QMK/VIA firmware, differentiates the GMK81 & GMK87 keyboards from all others in their price range.

GMK87 and GMK81 Keyboard

Left is GMK81, right is GMK87 

The GMK81 & GMK87 share a similar casing concept, both featuring a customizable LCD screen and a convenient wireless dongle slot. However, the GMK87 includes an additional aluminum multimedia knob that the GMK81 lacks.

Both keyboards are gasket-mounted with up to 4 layers of materials for better typing acoustics, including poron cotton, ixpe switch pad, sponge, and a final layer of silicone pad. Finding these additions in an affordable keyboard that also includes an LCD screen is definitely something to be praised.

GMK87 Keyboard

Fillings of the GMK87 Keyboard

While the keyboards may seem similar, they have differences that may be significant to some people. The GMK81 is ideal for those prioritizing desk space, as it is a 75% layout keyboard, featuring only the essential keys. On the other hand, the GMK87 offers a TKL (Tenkeyless) layout, suitable for those who require all standard keys but do not need the numpad.

GMK81 and GMK87 Keyboard Layout

The GMK81 is a 75% Keyboard, while the GMK87 is a 80% (TKL) keyboard.

The GMK81 & GMK87 keyboards are compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems. They even come with a physical switch for users to conveniently swap between different systems.

A full charge (from a PC with a Type-C USB cable) would take an average of 1 hour to fill up the 3000mAh battery, which would usually last for more than 3 days of typing adventure. Switching between different devices with its tri-mode connectivity feature does not strain the battery at all, so you can be worry-free and enjoy the wireless perks with the GMK81 or GMK87 keyboard.

GMK81 and GMK87 Keyboard

Get your GMK81 and GMK87 keyboard in The KapCo

These amazing keyboard kits are now readily available on The KapCo official webstore, with up to six choices of switch variants for you to choose from. The KapCo provides free installation for every keyboard with switch variants to ensure the quality & functionality is checked before shipping it out. If you're an expert looking to build the keyboard yourself, opt for the "No switches" variant to get the barebone kit.

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"Affordable keyboard with knob & customizable LCD? Shut up and take my money" -The KapCo's Intern, James.


Key Takeaways:

  • Zuoya's latest affordable keyboard kit comes with customizable LCD screen.
  • Have question GMK81 & GMK87 keyboard? DM us @thekapco now.

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