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Keycap profile: Ultimate comparison 2024

Keycap profile: Ultimate comparison 2024

Keycap profile: Ultimate comparison 2024

Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of keycap profiles available? Don't let that deter you from diving into customizing your keyboard or upgrading your keycaps. Today, we'll delve into everything you need to know about keycap profiles.

What Are Keycap Profiles?

The Greekeys Poseidon Keycaps with ASA keycap profile

Keycap profiles encompass the shapes, heights, inclinations, and sizes of different keycaps. While many keycaps may appear similar from a top-down view, they differ significantly when viewed from the sides.

Sculpted vs. Uniform

Keycap profiles by keyboard.university

Keycap profiles come in two main types: sculpted and uniform. Sculpted keycap profiles feature varying heights and shapes to create contoured rows, restricting keycaps to specific rows. Conversely, uniform keycap profiles maintain consistent height and shape, allowing placement on any row and facilitating unconventional layouts like DVORAK and COLEMAK. While sculpted profiles are more prevalent and favored for their ergonomic comfort, some prefer the aesthetic and feel of uniform profiles.


Types of Keycap Profiles

We'll explore ten keycap profiles, ranging from mainstream to less common options:

  • OEM: The most widespread profile found on mechanical keyboards, characterized by its sculpted design and affordability.


  • Cherry: Similar to OEM but with a lower height, reducing hand fatigue and offering a popular sculpted option.


  • DSA: A short uniform profile, providing a low-profile design for keyboards.


  • XDA: Uniform profile known for unique legends and textured surfaces, favored for its aesthetic appeal.


  • SA: The tallest sculpted profile, renowned for its distinctive "thocky" sound.


  • KAT: A newer version of SA, shorter and smoother while retaining its sculpted design.


  • KAM: The uniform counterpart of KAT, wider and ideal for larger fingers.


  • MT3: Similar to SA but slightly shorter, offering a sculpted profile for enhanced typing experience.


  • G20: A uniform profile with a low height, akin to DSA.


  • MBK: An ultra-low uniform profile, perfect for achieving a sleek look.


Choosing the Right Profile

For gaming, efficiency and comfort are paramount. The Cherry profile emerges as the top choice due to its overall performance. Conversely, for typing, minimizing finger stretch and wrist strain is crucial, making the Cherry and OEM profiles highly recommended.


Sound Considerations

Different keycap profiles produce varying keyboard sounds. Cherry, OEM, and KAM profiles generate low-registering sounds, while SA profiles produce the distinctive "thocky" sound.


Key Takeaways

  • Keycap profiles classify keycaps based on their design.
  • Sculpted keycaps feature varying heights and shapes, while uniform keycaps maintain consistency.
  • The Cherry profile is optimal for gaming, while Cherry and OEM profiles excel in typing comfort.
  • Keycap profiles influence the sound of keystrokes.

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