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Does This Keycap Fit on My Keyboard?

Does This Keycap Fit on My Keyboard?

Does This Keycap Fit on My Keyboard?

Keycap compatibility is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing keycaps. Making the mistake of buying the wrong keycaps for your keyboard can be costly, and it's a mistake we want to help you avoid. That's why we'll walk you through the key aspects you need to pay attention to before making your keycap purchase.

Keycap sizes


Keycap sizes by maxkeyboard


The unit of measurement used in keycaps is “u”. 1u would be the size of one alphanumeric key. A keycap that is twice as long would be 2u, which is the size of two 1u keycaps smushed together. There are also keycap sizes that are fractional. A 2.25u keycap would be the size of 2 and a quarter of 1u keycaps. For a standard layout keyboard, right shift is 2.75u, enter is 2.25u, backspace and number pad (zero, plus, enter)  are 2u. Some manufacturers produce non standard keyboard layouts with different key sizes. For example, older models of Razer keyboard come with 7u spacebars and Corsair manufactures 1.5u control, window and alternate keys. 

Keyboard layout

Keyboard layout by mechkeys

Keyboard layouts affect the compatibility of your keycaps. ANSI layout keyboards have a wide rectangle shaped enter key whereas ISO and JIS layout keyboards have an upside down L shaped enter key.  The USA, Canada and Australia use the ANSI layout whereas most of Europe uses the ISO layout. On the other hand, JIS layout is used in Japan. Your keyboard layout affects the shape and size of the keycaps that you can fit on your keyboard. For a more in depth explanation and comparison between keyboard layouts, please check out the article below: 


Modifier keys

A modifier key is a special key that temporarily modifies the normal action of other keys when pressed together. By themselves, modifier keys usually do not trigger any action on the computer. Some examples of modifier keys are shift, control, alternate and windows. It is important to check the compatibility of keycaps on your modifier keys specifically. This is because compact keyboard designs like the 60% keyboards usually come with smaller modifier keys. For instance, right shift keys can be 1.75u as opposed to the regular 2.75u size.


Unique key designs 

Unconventional keyboard designs like split spacebar, backspace and left shift affect the compatibility of your keycaps. Not only do you need more keycaps as the keys are split into two, but also the keycaps must be the right size to fit. So, it can be painful and pricier to find keycaps for these keyboard layouts. 


Switch stem

Most keycaps are designed to fit MX style switches. MX style switches are switches that have an “x” or cross shaped stem. Most switch manufacturers like Kailh, Gateron and Outemu produce these MX style switches. However, it is important to note that low profile switches like Kailh Choc will not be compatible with standard MX stem keycaps.


Keycap set kitting

Kitting is where you decide what keycaps you want your set to include and how/if you want to split the keycaps into different kits. It is common to have a base kit which supports 80% TKL layout as it satisfies most people’s needs and preferences. Then there are child kits which further support bigger keyboard layouts. So, when you are buying custom or exclusive keycaps, it is crucial to buy the right keycap kits for your keyboard.


Where to get keycaps

You can get keycaps from The KapCo website, we offer a variety of keycap designs. We also offer custom keycaps which you can design yourself. Contact us via email or Instagram if you would like to place an order.


  • Different keyboard layouts have slightly different key sizes and shapes. 
  • Most keycaps will be compatible with MX style switches with an “+” stem. 
  • Choose the right keycap kits for your keyboard. 
  • DM @thekapco instagram if you have any more questions. 

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