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Keyboard Mounting Style: How it affect your keyboard

Keyboard Mounting Style: How it affect your keyboard

Keyboard Mounting Style: How it affect your keyboard

You may have seen the term “mounting style” on the internet. There is TV mounting, but did you know mechanical keyboards like Razer and Keychron keyboards need mounting too? Today, we will explore mounting styles in the world of keyboards.

What is a mounting style?

A mounting style is how the plate or PCB is secured in the keyboard housing. The keyboard enthusiast community has developed several ways to do this. We will learn about the different types of mounting styles next.

Types of mounting styles in mechanical keyboards 

There are 7 types of mounting styles that have been developed over the years. Different mounting styles affect the typing sounds of your keyboard.

Tray mount 

Tray mounted keyboards have screws that attach the PCB to the bottom housing of keyboards. Most entry level keyboards use this mounting style.

Top mount 

Top mounted keyboards secure the plate to the top housing of keyboards. This mounting style works with a range of plate materials which allows for further customization. However, this mounting style requires a custom mounting plate and is typically harder towards the edges and softer in the middle.

Bottom mount

Bottom mount is the opposite of top mount, meaning the plate is secured to the bottom housing instead of top housing of keyboards. This mounting style also requires a custom mounting plate just like the top mount. In terms of stiffness, this mounting style is more consistently stiff than top mount.

Sandwich mount

This mounting style is exactly like its name. The screws in this mounting style fully go through the bottom housing, plate and top housing of keyboards. This results in the plate getting sandwiched by the bottom housing and top housing. This mounting style allows for the removal of the top housing which would result in a low profile case. However, this mounting style tends to be stiffer than other styles.

Plateless mount

Also known as PCB mount, this mounting style uses the PCB as the attaching point rather than a mounting plate. The PCB can be screwed to either the top housing or bottom housing. This mounting style is more costly as it requires a custom PCB.

Integrated plate

In this style, the mounting plate is a part of the top housing. This means that the keyboard case only consists of two pieces. This makes it easier to manufacture and largely brings down the cost of keyboards. The integrated plate makes this mounting style very stiff. This mounting style is also the most common style as the majority of non-custom mechanical keyboards use integrated plates.

Gasket mount

The gasket structure has been gaining serious traction lately. This mounting style uses dampening material, often elastic, in between the plate and keyboard housing on both top and bottom sides. The dampener softens keyboard sounds and gives a cushioned feel since the plate is not directly in contact with the other metal components of the keyboard. This mounting style is more expensive though because custom plate and dampening material are needed.

Pros and cons of mounting styles keyboard

Mounting styles



Tray Mount

  • Cost-effective
  • Accessible for beginners
  • Stiff typing experience
  • Inconsistent key feel

Top Mount

  • Better typing feel
  • Consistent key response
  • Durable build quality
  • Higher cost
  • More complex assembly required

Bottom Mount

  • Solid feel and stability
  • Simplistic design
  • Less common
  • Can feel too rigid

Sandwich Mount

  • Even force distribution
  • Good acoustic properties
  • Balanced typing experience
  • Complex assembly
  • May require precise alignment

Plateless Mount

  • Unique flex and feel
  • Enhanced sound profile
  • Lack of support for some keys
  • Not suitable for all switch types

Integrated Plate

  • Extremely sturdy and durable
  • Simplified construction
  • Very rigid, no flex
  • Can be heavy

Gasket Mount

  • Superior cushioning and sound-dampening
  • Excellent typing comfort and accuracy
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Higher cost
  • More complex assembly and maintenance

Source: hirosarts

Referring to the table, tray mounts are cost-effective but give a stiff typing experience. Top mounts on the other hand give a better typing feel but cost more. Bottom mounts are simplistic but are a lot less common. Sandwich mounts provide a balanced typing experience but require precise alignment to nail the plate between the top housing and bottom housing. Plateless mounts, also known as PCB mounts, provide an enhanced sound profile but are not suitable for all switch types. Integrated plates are extremely sturdy and durable but the downside is that they can be heavy. Gasket mounts have superior cushioning and sound-dampening compared to other mounting styles but are more costly. 

Gasket mount for gaming keyboards

Gasket mounted keyboards are quieter due to the dampening material in the keyboards. This makes them suitable for gamers as silent keystrokes mean fewer distractions and stealthier late night gaming sessions. Additionally, gasket mounted keyboards have moisture protection as the dampening material block fluids from entering the keyboards. This safeguards the keyboards and makes them longer-lasting. The moisture protection is useful for gamers as hand sweat is harder to get through the keyboard.

Is it worth getting a gasket-mounted keyboard? 



  • Decreased noise
  • Enhanced typing comfort and typing sessions
  • Enhanced key stability
  • Build quality and durability
  • Customization and aesthetics
  • Improved typing accuracy
  • Expensive cost
  • Availability and variety
  • Complexity in assembly
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Customization learning curve

Source: hirosarts

You should consider the pros and cons of gasket mounted keyboards before getting them. As much as you want them for your gaming sessions, you should know about the downsides of owning one. To start off, gasket mounted keyboards are expensive due to the need of custom plate and dampening material. The complexity in manufacturing keyboards like these makes brands hinder from this mounting style, resulting in limited availability and variety in the market. Other than that, you need to consider the complexity in assembling this mounting style. This is because the assembly requires great precision and patience which may frustrate users. Gasket mounted keyboards also demand regular cleaning to preserve the cushioned typing experience. You can interchange the gaskets in these keyboards but there is a steep learning curve involved. Beginners to mechanical keyboards may not have the technical knowledge required to execute customizations.

All in all, gasket mounted keyboards are suitable for keyboard enthusiasts who have extensive knowledge about mechanical keyboards.

Best gasket-mounted keyboards



Redragon K649 78% Wired

  • 78% layout
  • Wired
  • RGB backlighting
  • Gold Melt switches
  • Compact design

Angry Miao Cyberboard R2

  • Customizable LED Matrix
  • Aluminum case
  • 5-pin hot-swap compatibility
  • Eye-Catchy color

AJAZZ AC067 Cheese

  • 65% compact layout with 67 keys
  • RGB backlighting
  • Cheese-themed design
  • Yellow aluminum alloy chassis
  • Kailh Box switches

Redragon UCAL K673 PRO 75% Wireless

  • 75% compact layout
  • Dual connectivity with wireless and Bluetooth 
  • RGB backlighting
  • Hot-swappable switches
  • Vintage white color


  • 75% layout
  • Three-mode connectivity
  • USB expansion hub
  • LED power indicator
  • TTC mechanical switches

AKKO ACR Pro Alice Plus 68-Keys

  • 65% layout with 68 keys
  • ASA Profile PBT keycaps
  • Acrylic + CNC machined case
  • CS Crystal switches

DAREU A87 Pro Three-Mode

  • 87 keys TKL
  • Three-mode connectivity
  • Violet gold switches
  • RGB backlighting
  • Dual-tone PBT keycaps

JamesDonkey A3

  • 75% layout
  • Three-mode connectivity
  • Custom multimedia volume knob
  • Hot-swappable sockets
  • Vintage brown color

Skyloong SK96 Lite

  • Dynamic RGB lighting
  • Hot-swappable switches
  • Doubleshot PBT Keycaps
  • 3-layer SKYLOONG software

CIDOOO V65 Dual-mode

  • 65% layout
  • Dual-mode wireless
  • CNC machined all-aluminum chassis
  • Sound-absorbing structure
  • Poron sandwich cotton

Source: hirosarts

Additionally, if you want to build a custom keyboard, then you can pick up the Zuoya GMK67 which is a gasket mounted keyboard kit. Visit The KapCo for more information on the GMK67 kit. 


  • A mounting style is how a plate or PCB is secured in the keyboard housing.
  • There is no "best" mounting style as all of them have pros and cons.
  • Should you have any questions, DM @thekapco Instagram 

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