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Keyboard Moddings That You Can Do Yourself

Keyboard Moddings That You Can Do Yourself

Keyboard Moddings That You Can Do Yourself

Easy Keyboard Mods to Do at Home

Today, we'll explore some of the easiest keyboard mods that you can do at home. These mods are budget-friendly and beginner-friendly, requiring no technical skills, so you can easily DIY them.

Start with the Keycaps

Japanese Juice Keycaps

Upgrade your keycaps to give your keyboard a fresh look. If you own MX-style switches, it's even better, as keycaps are easy to install on those switches. You have many affordable choices available.

Can the Keycap Fit on My Keyboard?

keycap layout

Make sure you purchase enough keycaps for your keyboard, as different keyboard sizes require different amounts of keycaps. For example, TKL keyboards typically have 87 keys, so you'll need 87 or more keycaps. Also, consider your keyboard layout; ANSI layout has a different "enter" key shape and size compared to ISO and JIS. So, buy the right keycaps for your MX switches.

How to Choose Good Keycaps?

NitNC Keycap ASA Profile
Choose the right keycap profile for your keyboard. Cherry profile keycaps have a lower height, reducing hand fatigue when typing. SA profile keycaps are the tallest and produce a satisfying "thock" sound. Also, consider the material of the keycaps. PBT keycaps are more durable than ABS keycaps, which are cheaper but prone to fading. Look for keycaps with a thickness of 1.5mm or more to reduce wobbling. Consider the printing method too; double-shot and dye-sublimation are popular methods.

Upgrade Your Mechanical Switches

Outemu Silent Lime Switch

Consider upgrading to MX switches if you own MX-style switches. Choose from linear, tactile, clicky, and silent switches, based on your preferences for gaming or typing speed. Check if your keyboard is hot-swappable before buying switches.

Installing Switch Films

Choose from three switch films: PE, Poron, and EVA foams. Poron is a sound-dampening foam that helps mute the sounds of switches. PE and EVA foams produce "thocky" typing sounds, with PE foams generating "thockier" sounds compared to EVA foams. To install switch films, remove the keycaps and switches from your keyboard, then disassemble the switches.

Cushion for the Mechanical Keyboard

Japanese juice deskmat

Use a deskmat to cushion your keyboard, which is the simplest mod. Look for thick desk mats (3mm) for maximum comfort. The KapCo offers high-quality desk mats to suit your needs.

Finish Up with a Coiled Cable

Coiled Cable

Lastly, add a neat-looking coiled cable to your keyboard to complement its aesthetics. Ensure your keyboard has a USB-C port for a detachable power cable. The KapCo offers many variants of coiled aviator cables to match your keyboard's aesthetics.

Key Takeaway

  • Upgrade your keycaps to give your keyboard a fresh look.
  • Install switch films to enhance the sound of your keystrokes.
  • Use a deskmat to cushion your keyboard.
  • Add a neat-looking coiled cable to complement your keyboard's aesthetics.

Have more questions about modding your keyboard yourself? Feel free to DM us @thekapco on Instagram.

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