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An Article About Ultra-rare Keycap Profiles

An Article About Ultra-rare Keycap Profiles

An Article About Ultra-rare Keycap Profiles

Are you tired of using generic keycap profiles? Let us introduce to you some uncommon keycap profiles that you might like.


DCX keycaps
Source: Drop

The second keycap profile that Drop has manufactured in-house. The first was MT3, a popular profile designed by Matt3o. The DCX profile is essentially Cherry profile, with minor differences. Like the Cherry profile, DCX is sculpted and cylindrical shaped. DCX keycaps are slightly textured and provide silky feeling, which allows for easy finger movement while typing. DCX keycaps also feel similar to GMK keycaps, but less grippy.


DCS keycaps
Source: spkeyboards

The DCS profile is Signature Plastics' version of Cherry profile. It is cylindrical and sculpted just like Cherry profile, but shorter.  What makes DCS keycaps stand out is that they have rounded corners and coarse surface which is rarely found on keycaps.


ZDA keycaps
Source: ymdkey

The ZDA profile is a variation of XDA profile. They are both uniform, spherical shaped and have square surface shape. The primary difference is that ZDA profile keycaps are taller. Additionally, ZDA keycaps help produce a "thocky" sound. You can get high quality ZDA keycaps from YMDK.


MA keycaps
Source: idobao

The MA profile is a unique keycap profile. This profile is tall, sitting at 12.38mm. It is a spherical shaped uniform profile. Paired with the large surface area of these keycaps. they give keyboards a 3d look as the tall spherical keycaps pop out from the keyboard.


HSA keycaps
Source: novelkeys

HSA stands for half SA. As the name implies, its a shorter version of the high profile, spherical, sculpted SA profile. One of the main complaints about the SA profile is that it is so tall that it becomes uncomfortable to type on. JTK leaped at this opportunity and introduced the HSA profile so that users can type on their favorite profile, at a much lower and comfortable height.

These HSA keycaps feature a glossy finish on all 5 surfaces - the top and the sides of the keycaps. The glossy surface is not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to prevent the keycaps from developing a shine over time. As a result, these keycaps are more durable and will retain a uniform texture throughout use. The visuals of these keycaps are more appealing and the typing experience is one of a kind due to the glossy finish which is not something we often see.


  • Rare keycap profiles might be hard to get used to, but are worth trying.
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