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The Newest Full-sized Keyboard in The KapCo

The Newest Full-sized Keyboard in The KapCo

The Newest Full-sized Keyboard in The KapCo



The Kapco® has a new mechanical keyboard announcing today: the HJS YG108. It’s available at The Kapco’s webstore for only $69 in a choice of two classic colors (Crystal Black & Pearl White) and four switch types — Jerrzi Violet, Gateron G Pro Yellow and Silver and TTC Frozen Silent V2. The keyboard premiers as a stand-alone keyboard kit ready for easy customization.


As its name suggests, the HJS YG108 is a 100%, full-sized keyboard. It has 108 keys and is fully customizable in terms of it switches and keycaps. It gives you the power of choice and preference. There’s also connectivity options of Bluetooth, wireless 2.4G and wired connection via the USB-C port. The keyboard is only available in ANSI layouts. 


The HJS keyboard kit series is notable for coming with hot-swappable switches that you could replace without having to solder them - no mess, no fuss. The hot-swappable socket is compatible with most 3-pin & 5-pin switches. The only tool you need to customize your keyboard is a switch puller which comes with this set!




Other features include a three-layer sound optimization (IXPE switch pad + sound-absorbing foam + bottom foam), and an exclusive driver to customize media controls. The keyboard also has full-key RGB backlight, which works extremely well with semi or fully-transparent keycaps). The foot of the keyboard is also rubberized and comes with three adjustable heights for your comfort. Moreover, its 4000mAh battery life also allows longer hours of use and play!



HJS YG 108 Pearl White (Top) & Crystal Black (Bottom)


While the HJS mechanical keyboards possess many favorable aspects, competitor GMK currently offers mechanical keyboards with similar features and benefits. It thoroughly depends on your needs and preferences. HJS YG108 comes with a Type-C detachable cable, Allen-Key, key-switch puller and a user manual for easy installation. The south-facing switch layout ensures your keyboard is compatible with a wide range of keycap brands.


The KapCo offers a variety of custom keycaps with assorted profiles compatible with all HJS keyboards. Whether work or play, this mechanical keyboard is your reliable partner. Check out the product specifications below to lock in your decision. Order your 108-key custom mechanical keyboard at The KapCo now!


Keyboard Highlights:

  • Silence is golden: 3-layers of foam for a silent, productive experience
  • Stay connected: via Bluetooth, wireless (2.4G) and wired (USB)
  • Freedom to install your existing switches: Hot swappable
  • Smooth and stable: Pre-lubed stabilizers
  • Living a long and fruitful life: 4000mAh battery life, chargeable.


This full-sized keyboard is all you need and more. Quickly grab it before it's gone!

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