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A New Keycap Brand On Board - Creative Universe

A New Keycap Brand On Board - Creative Universe

A New Keycap Brand On Board - Creative Universe

The KapCo is excited to announce the launch of our latest brand collection, the Creative Universe Collection.  Creative Universe is a keycap brand focusing on bringing premium grade keycaps paired with innovative and modern designs. Their standout feature is artist and brand collaborations to create exclusive keycap designs. These keycaps are aesthetic as much as they are high quality!


Creative Universe curates keycaps suitable for budget-friendly users, keeping quality and durability as their no.1 priority. To date, there are three exclusive designs released by Creative Universe that is available in the KapCo webstore. More details and in-depth explanation are elucidated in this special blog post for your reading!


Creative Universe Product

 Creative Universe Collection

The three designs above are limited edition keycaps by Creative Universe. Each has their own uniqueness and style that makes them best-sellers. At only an affordable price of $60, you can get a full set of keycaps ready to be customized to your liking.


The first keycaps on display is the Ghost keycaps. It is a product of collaboration between Creative Universe and Weird Ghost Gang. The keycaps feature a black base with white prints which perfectly capture the spirit of the of a ghostly presence. If you look closely, you'll notice a pair of eyes staring back at you! Get the adorably haunting keycaps here!


The keycap set in the middle is Rapper; a collaborative work with local artist, Mintion. Mintion is an illustrator with a unique art style, and it is shown on the various characters of mainstream rappers seen on the keycaps. This colorful set can truly lift your mood and perhaps bring out the rapper in you! Get a closer look at the swag here.


The third keycap set is a Creative Universe original, embodying the essence of street art and throwing a fun Graffiti Party. If you take some time to admire the art, you will notice that each and every keycap print is one of a kind. The colors all concoct together and create a lighthearted and playful feel. Throwback to the times of your youth with these keycaps



  • All keycap sets are not inclusive of the keyboard.

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