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GMK67 is Finally Beaten?! Meet its New Aluminum Rival.

GMK67 is Finally Beaten?! Meet its New Aluminum Rival.

GMK67 is Finally Beaten?! Meet its New Aluminum Rival.

The Kapco is your friendly-neighborhood keycaps studio committed to providing high-quality mechanical keyboards, keycaps, and other desk setup needs. We are excited to announce the upcoming addition to our 65% keyboard collection, the “HJS AL65.”  This keyboard is the latest aluminum addition from the same manufacturer behind the well-known budget DK/YG mechanical keyboard series, now delving into the realm of modern, affordable aluminum keyboards! 


This innovative design aims to redefine your typing experience by incorporating all the essential keys you need in one compact keyboard. Thus, we have carefully selected radiant, well-loved colors for you to pick and choose to match your style and ambience. These beautiful hues are perfect for making your setup look posh and elegant. The many colors that we include in this series are:


  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Tiffany


 HJS AL65 Mechanical Keyboard


This 66-keys keyboard presents itself as a cost-effective alternative, making the mechanical keyboard world accessible to everyone. With its basic barebone kit, you can easily customize your switches and keycaps with minimal effort. You only need to select your favorite switches and simply pop them into the switch socket. Then, showcase your chosen keycap design by installing them onto your switches. It’s as easy as that!


What's so good about the HJS AL65 Mechanical Keyboard?


This 65% keyboard is great for students and working adults to bring along on-the-go. Not only is it sturdy, it will also not break under pressure or being squashed in your bag. Its affordability for a customizable aluminum keyboard is its prominent feature. Check out other aspects that makes this keyboard great:



What It Can Give You


Enjoy a premium typing experience without emptying your wallet

Easy Customization

The Barebone kit gives you the power to personalize your keyboard by choosing your desired switches and keycaps.

Top-tier Acoustics

5 layers of silencing to optimize sound and enhance your typing experience all in one compact keyboard.

Quality Components

Gasket mount, CNC aluminum shell and RGB backlight, all in one board.



Revolutionize your life

HJS AL65 comes with a Type-C detachable cable, Allen-Key, and hot-swappable feature. The south-facing switch layout ensures your keyboard is compatible with a wide range of keycap brands. You can also illuminate your workspace with vibrant RGB! The gasket structure secures the upper and lower keyboard frames, giving you clean acoustics and a satisfying keystroke sensation!


Compared to the best-selling keyboard on The Kapco, the AL65 is everything GMK67 is, and more! It offers the same premium quality and function but in an amazing CNC aluminum casing! The HJS AL65 is a fusion of classic and modern design, aiming to provide the most enjoyable typing experience. Whether in work or play, it will be your reliable partner. Order your first 65% keyboard today at The Kapco!

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