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Flood Your Keyboard with Cuteness: KapCo's Original Cream Keycaps is Back

Flood Your Keyboard with Cuteness: KapCo's Original Cream Keycaps is Back

Flood Your Keyboard with Cuteness: KapCo's Original Cream Keycaps is Back

June 12, 2024 - The KapCo is thrilled to announce that the Cream series keycaps are making a comeback to the store! This series is designed by The KapCo's in-house designer, @Lalamoon. Preorder for this series started back in March 2023 and got amazing feedback from Kap enthusiasts. 

Monday Blue

The series contains 5 sets that have unique designs and themes. They are - Monday Blue set, Lemon Fizz set, Avocado Toast set, Milkberry Pop set & Boba Bae set. Many choices of cuteness for you to choose from, so pick one that you vibe with. Feeling down? Perhaps the Monday Blue set is your go to!

Lemon Fizz

Due to tremendous requests from Kap enthusiasts, The KapCo has decided to bring back the Cream series keycaps with a restock of 300 units per set in the series. Do not miss the chance and grab your desired Cream series set now!

Avocado Toast

All of the keycap sets in the Cream series feature Cherry profile which are similar to OEM profile, just shorter. The popular Cherry profile's lower height helps reduce hand fatigue when typing. Hence, many Kap enthusiasts find typing more comfortable on Cherry profile keycaps especially during long and intense typing sessions. 

Milkberry Pop

Additionally, The KapCo's Cherry profile keycaps are made of high quality PBT material so these keycaps will last you very long. Cherry profile is a sculpted profile so if you come from other keycaps profiles that are sculpted, you will get used to these easily. 

Boba Bae

If you buy one of the keycap sets, you will receive a total of 126 keys which include additional keys for different keyboard layouts. This means that the keycaps will fit on all sizes of standard ANSI layout mechanical keyboards that use Cherry MX/ MX style switches.  DM @thekapco if you are unsure about compatiblity.

Grab the Cream series keycaps in the KapCo Original collection now!


  • The KapCo restocked all 5 sets in the Cream series.
  • DM @thekapco if you have any inquiries. 


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