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A Visual Mixtape of Keycaps: Introducing - The Punky Street Keycap Set

A Visual Mixtape of Keycaps: Introducing - The Punky Street Keycap Set

A Visual Mixtape of Keycaps: Introducing - The Punky Street Keycap Set

May 31, 2024 - The KapCo is excited to announce that the punks are in town, introducing - The Punky Street set!

The Punky Street keycaps

If you are looking to style your keyboard with a bold and punky appearance, then look no further. The KapCo's in-house keycap designer, @artokai_z presents you The Punky Street set.

The Design

The Punky Street keycaps

The Punky Street keycap set features a vibrant and bold color scheme, primarily involving dark pink and dark blue. The rich elements on these keycaps are never boring, as each one of them is unique, showing the designer's great enthusiasm and effort in creating distinctive artwork. From wild graffiti and bold colors to iconic mohawks and anarchy symbols, the keycaps showcase the energetic and chaotic elements of punk rock.

The Keycaps

The Punky Street keycaps

The keycaps are built of high quality PBT material, ensuring you get the most premium punk typing experience. Additionally, the keycaps are dye-sublimation printed which means the legends on them are long-lasting and will not fade away easily. The keycaps also feature XDA profile, a uniform keycap profile which is spherical shaped and has larger surface area of top of the keycaps.

The Deals

The Punky Street deskmat V2

The KapCo offers many buying options for The Punky Street set, including keycap set, keyboard set, two deskmat variants and two wristrest variants. You may purchase each of them separately.

The Punky Street deskmat V1

The keycap set consists of 120 keys which include additional keys. The keyboard set includes a keyboard kit with switches pre-installed along with The Punky Street keycap set, so simply put on the keycaps and you can type away!

The Punky Street wristrests

The keyboard set features the Zuoya GMK87 keyboard kit which is a TKL layout, equipped with Gateron G Pro Yellow 2.0 switches that are pre-lubed, giving you a smooth typing experience.

The keycap set includes a total of 120 keys which include additional keys for different keyboard layouts. This means that the keycaps are compatible with all sizes of standard ANSI layout mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX/ MX style switches. Unsure about compatibility? DM us @thekapco.

The Pre-orders Date

The Punky Street keycaps

The Punky Street set is available for pre-order starting May 31, 2024. Pre-order only lasts for a month and all orders will be shipped out on June 31, 2024. The Punky Street keycap set is priced at $79.90, you will receive a free Keyboard Cleaning Brush along with your order for spending over $50 in the store. Head over to the KapCo Original collection and grab your The Punky Street set now!


  • Pre-order starts on May 31, 2024.
  • DM @thekapco if you have any inquiries. 

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