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Zuoya LMK21

by Zuoya
Type: Keyboard Kit
Product Description

Support VIA

Our prestigious ZUOYA LMK21 VIA Aluminum Macro Pad allows for effortless customization of button functions and programming options.


Important Notice: Please use the provided software within the allowed functionalities of the keyboard and refrain from self-flashing firmware. Any damage or issues arising from such actions will be the sole responsibility of the user.


Tri-Mode Connections

This product supports three different connection options: BT 5.0 Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless, and Type-C wired, providing versatility for various devices and preferences.


Aluminum Alloy CNC Process

Crafted with precision using quality materials, the ZUOYA LMK21 VIA Aluminum Macro Pad is designed to bring efficiency and durability to your work. The aluminum alloy undergoes a CNC process to ensure consistent and accurate results, making it a reliable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


RGB Backlight

Experience a whole new level of customization with RGB backlighting. Add a unique touch to your setup and enhance your productivity with ease and precision.


Independent Stabilizers

Keep your gameplay steady and smooth with the independent stabilizers on the ZUOYA LMK21 VIA Aluminum Macro Pad. Specifically designed to reduce any instability or wobbliness in your keyboard, these stabilizers make typing and gaming easier with enhanced precision. Expertly crafted for a professional gaming experience, this macro pad helps you stay on top of your game and achieve new levels of accuracy.

Shipping Information

Variant: No switches

  • Completely stock keyboard kit without switch installed. To get a ready-to-type keyboard, you'll need switches and keycaps.

Variant: With switches

  • The KapCo provides free installation of the switches according to the variant you picked. The keyboard will be tested before being shipped to you.

Customer orders are shipped worldwide with an estimation of 2-4 weeks to arrive at your doorstep.

(FEB 2024 Updates: average shipping time 12days)

  • NA Countries: 2-4 weeks
  • SA Countries: 2-4 weeks
  • EU Countries: 2-4 weeks
  • Asia Countries: 1-3 weeks
  • SE Asia Countries: 1-3 weeks
  • Oceania Countries: 1-3 weeks

NOTES: Please make sure your shipping information is correct to avoid shipment delay!