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Cat Lovers Rejoice! KapCo's Original Neko XDA Keycaps On Sales Now!

Cat Lovers Rejoice! KapCo's Original Neko XDA Keycaps On Sales Now!

Cat Lovers Rejoice! KapCo's Original Neko XDA Keycaps On Sales Now!

June 10, 2024 - Yes, that's right! The KapCo is putting the Neko collection keycaps on sale. You cat lovers are going to enjoy this one. This collection is designed by The KapCo's in-house designer, @Low May. It was released in May 2023 and you cat lovers went crazy over this one!

Shiro Neko keycaps

The Neko collection contains 4 keycap sets that have the same design but different colorways. They are - Shiro Neko set, Kohi Neko set, Sumi Neko set & Oyen Neko set. There are many variations to choose from, so choose your soul cat wisely! 

Kohi Neko keycaps

Due to customer requests and great feedback, The KapCo has decided to restock 300 units per set in the Neko collection which has long been sold out. Along with that, The KapCo is rewarding cat lovers with a $20 discount on any of these sets in the Neko collection. The promotion lasts until the end of June 2024 only.

Sumi Neko keycaps

The Neko collection keycaps feature XDA profile which some of you might not be familiar with. But do not worry as The KapCo will be breaking it down below. Unlike the Cherry and ASA profiles, the XDA profile is a uniform profile. This means that XDA keycaps all have the same height and shape which give keyboards a flat appearance. 

But why XDA profile? This is because XDA keycaps are spherical shaped and have rounder edges. Additionally, they have a larger surface area on top of them. All these factors contribute greatly to the cute look of the keycaps. Without using this keycap profile, such a look is unachievable for this adorable Neko collection.

Once you place your order, your package will include a total of 112 keys which include additional keys for different keyboard layouts. So the Neko keycap sets are compatible with all sizes of standard ANSI layout mechanical keyboards that use Cherry MX/ MX style switches. DM @thekapco if you are unsure about compatibility.

Oyen Neko keycaps

Head over to the KapCo Original collection and grab your favorite Neko set now!


  • All 4 sets in the Neko collection are restocked and given a $20 discount until the end of June 2024 only.
  • Try out The KapCo's XDA profile Neko keycap sets now!
  • DM @thekapco if you have any inquiries. 

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