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Tactile Switches: Beginner Friendly Guide 102

Tactile Switches: Beginner Friendly Guide 102

Tactile Switches: Beginner Friendly Guide 102

Tactile switches are a type of mechanical switch for keyboards.There are 3 main types of switches which are linear, tactile and clicky. Brands like Razer and Logitech manufacture mechanical keyboards that feature these tactile switches. These keyboards are typically hot-swappable which means we can swap out the switches on the keyboard freely.

What are Tactile Switches?

Tactile switches give a small feedback when actuating. We will get a subtle sound when pressing down tactile switches. Linear switches are consistent and give a smooth feeling. Clicky switches give the loudest feedback. Tactile switches are good for gaming and typing sessions because they provide a satisfying bump part way through a keystroke. The commonly seen color of tactile switches in mechanical keyboards is brown.

Tactile Switches vs Linear Switches 

Both of these switches are suitable for gamers and typists. Below are the differences between linear and tactile switches.

Linear Switches

Tactile Switches

Keystroke Feel

Smooth and consistent

Slight bump

Tactile Feedback






Key Advantage



Best For (In General)




Referring to the table, tactile switches give a slight bump when actuating whereas linear switches provide a smooth and consistent feeling. Additionally, there is tactile feedback from tactile switches but that is not the case for linear switches. Tactile switches produce a silent sound, linear switches on the other hand are noiseless. A key advantage of tactile switches is their accuracy. On the contrary, linear switches are notorious for their speed. In general, tactile switches are best for typing whereas linear switches are best for gaming.

How to Choose Between Linear vs Tactile Switches

If you like smooth, consistent and noiseless feedback, linear switches are the way to go. If you want to feel a slight bump and feedback upon actuating keys, then tactile switches would be a great choice.

Should You Get Tactile Switches?

Using a mechanical keyboard that features tactile switches is a significant upgrade from membrane keyboard. These tactile switches are perfect for gamers and typists..

Best Linear switches for Gamers 2024

Tecsee Neapolitan Ice Cream

  • These switches deliver excellent latency performance with a good balance between press and release latency. They are classified as heavier switches with a particularly crisp and responsive-feeling tactile bump and a slightly higher-pitched sound.

Best Budget Tactile Switches 2024

Kailh Speed Copper

Kailh Speed Copper

  • They offer the same high latency performance as the Tecsee Neapolitan Ice Cream. However, they are much more lightweight and have slightly shortened springs. They also have virtually no pre-travel.

Best Silent Tactile Switches 2024

Outemu Silent Lime

  • If you want a quiet typing experience, then these switches would be a great choice. These switches are also factory pre-lubed.


  • Tactile switches are mechanical keyboard switches.
  • Tactile switches give a smooth gaming and typing experience.
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