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Linear Switches: Beginner Friendly Guide 101

Linear Switches: Beginner Friendly Guide 101

Linear Switches: Beginner Friendly Guide 101

Linear switches are a type of mechanical switch for keyboards. There are 3 main types of switches which are linear, tactile and clicky. Brands like Razer and Logitech manufacture mechanical keyboards that feature these linear switches. These keyboards are typically hot-swappable which means we can swap out the switches on the keyboard freely.

What are Linear Switches?

Linear switches are consistent and give a smooth feeling. Tactile switches give a small feedback when actuating. Clicky switches give the loudest feedback. Linear switches are suitable for gaming and typing sessions because they give immediate response. The most common color of linear switches in mechanical keyboards is red.

Should You Get Linear Switches?

Using a mechanical keyboard that features linear switches is a significant upgrade from membrane keyboard. These linear switches are perfect for gamers and fast typers.

Best Linear switches for Gamers 2024

Cherry MX Speed Silver

Get yours from Cherry

Cherry MX Speed Silver

  • These switches are the best for gaming because they are lightning-fast, ultra-lightweight which makes them ideal for fast-paced and competitive titles.


Get yours from Kailh

Kailh Super Speed Silver 

  • If you are looking for an even faster gaming experience, then check out the Kailh Super Speed Silver. These switches are significantly smoother and have shorter pre-travel distance compared to the Cherry MX Speed Silver.

Best Budget Linear Switches 2024

Get yours from Akko

Akko CS Silver

  • If you are on a budget, these switches are a great pick. These switches offer a similar lightweight experience and latency performance as the more expensive Cherry MX Speed Silver.

Best Silent Linear Switches 2024

Outemu Silent Peach

  • If you want a quiet gaming experience, then these switches would be a great choice. These switches are lightly pre-lubed and provide similar performance to the switches above.


  • Linear switches are mechanical keyboard switches.
  • Linear switches give a smooth gaming and typing experience.
  • Have more questions about Linear switches? Drop us a DM @thekapco Instagram

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