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YUNZII Starry Poem Zodiac Keycap Set

by Yunzii
Type: Keycaps
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  • Get ready to upgrade to Yunzii's Starry Poems Zodiac Keycaps. It features a stylish zodiac design, high-quality PBT keycaps, and 145 cherry profile keys. Order now and enjoy the starry nightsky. Exclusively designed for a youthful spring look by Yunzii.



  • PBT Material

    The YUNZII keycap Set delivers quality with ultra-durable PBT plastic whose legends will never wear away. Compared to ABS material, PBT is dry, does not easily get oily, and is more durable. 


 Production Process

  • Dye Sublimation Technique

    To ensure the impressive color scheme and enjoyable typing experience, the YUNZII keycap applies high-quality PBT dye-sublimation technology. The Dye-Sub PBT keycaps enhance the overall durability with water and dust resistance.


 Keycaps Profile

  • Cherry Profile


 Number of Keys

  • 145-Keys



  • Full Compatibility with Layouts and MX switches

  • This keycap set will fit most standard-size keyboards, like 21/61/64/68/84/87/96/98/104/108, and full-size mechanical keyboards

  • Keyboards with "+" cherry mx Key switches. 



  • Yunzii


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