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The Kapco

Pikachu Special Edition Deskmat

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  • Engineered to boost slick and sleek accessory to your desk set-up.
  • The anti-slip base provides grips to secure the deskmat in place.
  • Reduce fatigue on your arms, elbows, and hands with our mousepad while working and typing.
  • Protects your desk from scratches, laptop burns, scuffs, and daily wear and tear.
  • Double-stitched edges.
  • Ultra-smooth micro-woven surface for the ultimate mousing experience!
  • Two size choices (80×30×0.3CM) / (90×40×0.3CM)
  • Only deskmat included, no keyboard

It's time for an upgrade!

No matter if you are a gamer or an office worker, a comfortable deskmat is a must to boost your productivity!

The Kapco deskmat's anti-slip feature provides you with maximum control and the surface is made out of breathable Lycra, and for sure, the surface is silky smooth & comfortable. We prioritize your mousing experience while maintaining excellent speed and control during your working or gaming. 

Grab one of these deskmat from The Kapco today!