What color of mechanical keyboard switches should I choose (as a beginner)?

What color of mechanical keyboard switches should I choose (as a beginner)?

Mechanical keyboard switches come in a variety of colors, including blue, red, brown or black.

Blue switches are known for their tactile "bump" and audible "click" when actuated, which some users find satisfying and can help with typing accuracy. They are generally considered to be a good all-around switch for both typing and gaming.

Red switches are linear, meaning they do not have a tactile bump and the resistance remains constant throughout the keystroke. They are known for their low actuation force and are often preferred by gamers for their smooth and fast keystrokes. They tend to be quieter than blue switches.

Black switches are linear mechanical switches, which means they don't have a tactile "bump" and the resistance remains consistent throughout the keystroke. They have a relatively high actuation force, which means they require more force to press down compared to other linear switches like reds. Because of this, they are not recommended for typing for long periods of time, as it can cause fatigue in the fingers. But they are often preferred by some gamers for their fast and smooth keystrokes. They are considered as Linear-non-clicky switches.

Brown switches are often recommended for beginners as they provide a tactile bump without the loud clicking sound of blue switches. They are a good balance between the tactile feedback of blue switches and the smooth keystroke of red switches, making them suitable for both typing and gaming. They are considered as Tactile-non-clicky switches.


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