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We Have Gone Wireless!

We Have Gone Wireless!

We Have Gone Wireless!


Gone are the days of messy computer cables entangled on our desk. This decade has triggered a global phenomena of up-keeping neat and tidy spaces. The less cluttered, the better. That’s why we have made it our mission to go wireless on all our keyboard kits in The KapCo!

Okiya Keyboard

KeycapsSamurai 2.0 Keycaps & Kitsune 2.0 Keycaps 

Keyboard: PLAY TKL & PLAY 100


Wireless mechanical keyboards are rapidly gaining popularity, offering a satisfying typing experience without the clutter. You can expect to have enhanced productivity, longer battery life, and connectivity options in all The KapCo’s barebone keyboard kits. But are they the perfect keyboard for everyone? Let's delve into the pros and cons to help you decide.


You can expect enhanced productivity, longer battery life, and more connectivity options that help you enjoy your work with all of KapCo's barebone keyboard kits.


Benefits of Wireless Mechanical Keyboards


  Portability Portability and Travel-Friendly

Toss your wireless keyboard in your bag and work from anywhere – cafes, libraries, or even the great outdoors. The lack of wires makes it incredibly portable and travel-friendly, perfect for the digital nomads or frequent travelers. Furthermore, it also minimizes space and avoid the hassle of untangling cables on the go.


 Clean Clean Aesthetics

You can ditch the cable clutter and enjoy a streamlined workspace. No more tangled wires getting in your way, snagging on your desk, or limiting your movement. A wireless keyboard contributes to a minimalist and clutter-free desk, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your workspace.


Devices Multi-Device Versatility

Easily switch between your laptop, desktop, tablet, and even phone with a single keyboard. This multi-device functionality is ideal for those juggling multiple devices throughout the day. You can easily streamline your workflow by avoiding tedious re-pairing processes with each device switch.


mechanical keyboard switch Icon - Free PNG & SVG 2987081 - Noun ProjectCustomizable Comfort 

Many wireless mechanical keyboards offer hot-swappable switches and ergonomic designs for personalized comfort and typing preferences. Without the wire jutting out of the keyboard, you can beautify your workspace with custom desk mats and reduce the risk of tangling other paraphernalia.


Downside of wireless keyboards


  Latency Issues

While minimal in most modern models, a slight latency between keystrokes and on-screen response can be noticeable for competitive gamers or fast typists. Additionally, wireless interference from other devices in the vicinity can cause occasional connection drops or latency spikes. Opt for keyboards with dedicated low-latency protocols or advanced Bluetooth versions for minimal delay.

Battery Battery Woes

Unlike their wired counterparts, wireless keyboards rely on batteries or internal rechargeable batteries, which eventually deplete and require charging or replacement. Running out of battery in the middle of a workflow can be inconvenient and disruptive, potentially causing delays or lost work. However, you can keep a charging cable readily available and turning it into a wired keyboard. By charging and using at the same time, you can avoid interruptions due to low battery. 


Connect Connectivity Hiccups

Occasional connection drops may occur, especially in crowded environments with lots of wireless signals. In environments with heavy wireless interference, Bluetooth connections might be more prone to dropouts or instability compared to dedicated dongles or wired connections. If reliable connectivity is crucial for your work, a wired keyboard might be a safer bet. 


    Why get a wireless keyboard from The KapCo?


    1. Stay connected

    All barebone keyboard kits from The KapCo has tri-mode connectivity. This means you can connect your keyboard via three different methods according to your location, circumstance and mood! Whether you’re at your desk or on the go, you can choose to remain connected wired or wireless.


    The KapCo’s keyboard kits can be connected via Bluetooth, which proves most useful on the road, or multitasking between devices. Modern Bluetooth keyboards offer impressive battery life, ensuring minimal charging hassles and longer use. Some Bluetooth keyboards boast additional features like backlit keys, macro keys, and media controls, further enhancing their convenience and functionality.


    You can also opt for connecting your keyboard wirelessly through a dongle. The 2.4G dongle is frequently kept in the keyboard itself, reducing the risk of misplacement.  Similar to the Bluetooth feature, this option also provides convenience in portability. The only difference is that keyboard will not be affected by wireless interference & an extra hardware is needed.


    If all fails and your keyboard is low on battery, you need to go wired. The best feature of these keyboard kits is that you can use any USB-C wire to charge them! These wires can be found everywhere and even comes together with the keyboard. Simply connect the two ports and voila, you have a working keyboard.


    2. Premium materials and trusted partners

    The KapCo collaborates with many renowned keyboard brands to provide you a one-stop platform to get all your necessary gear to build your keyboard. Recently, we released a new keyboard collection by HJS, ranging from plastic builds to aluminum counterparts. All keyboards are assembled with quality assurance and premium materials to give you the best typing experience. 

    We also have the Yunzii collection, GMK67 from Zuoya's collection, and The Kapco's PLAY series. Take a dive into their product descriptions. Be amazed at how much effort these brands put into crafting a keyboard engineered for your productivity and comfort! 


    3. Direct & Easy Purchase

    All sales happen in The KapCo website. Browse for something that meets your needs - perhaps the fan-favorite GMK67? Add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. The payment process is direct and secure - using only Paypal, Razer Pay or Credit Card services. We will soon launch a "Buy Now, Pay Later" option to ease your spendings. Rest assured, once your purchase is successful, we will ship out your product in the quickest way possible. 


    4. Reasonable Price & Regular Offers

    The price you see the price you get. We sell products at an affordable price, making customizing keyboards an inexpensive hobby. If you are looking to start upgrading and beautifying your keyboards, you may as well start with a budget keyboard. Take your pick with our variety of keyboards for your perusal. Starting at $58, you can get a 60% keyboard with amazing perks. Begin customizing your mechanical keyboard with your favorite switches and keycap designs! 

    Depending on your region, tax might be imposed. Apart from shipping fees, there are no hidden fees or extra fees charged on the product. However ,The KapCo often offer seasonal FREE SHIPPING deals! Keep in touch with us for discounts and offers. 


    5. Best after-sales service

    Lastly, we take pride in offering the best after-sales service. If you have a problem with the product, you can always email us and we will aid you in your issue. We offer customer support, refund and return, and after-sales follow-up. Drop us a dm or email for us to get back to you on anything regarding products, offers or any general questions you might have. 


    Get fancy: Join our discord community and share your build with us!




    Ultimately, the choice between a wireless or wired mechanical keyboard comes down to your individual needs and preferences. But we’d still suggest to ditch the cable clutter and enjoy the satisfying symphony of mechanical clicks without restraint. Check out what kind of keyboard kits we have in our store here!

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