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The Ultimate Guide to Deskmats and Wrist Rests

The Ultimate Guide to Deskmats and Wrist Rests

The Ultimate Guide to Deskmats and Wrist Rests


Desk mats, desk pads and wrist rests have been in the keyboard market for over a decade, with it being increasingly popular among gamers, influencers, typists and keyboard enthusiasts. These components are known to reduce wrist strain and fatigue. It is essentially an integral part of a desk setup. But, do you really need a desk mat and wrist rest for your keyboard? 



A desk mat is a large, rectangular piece of material that is placed on top of a desk to protect it from scratches, stains, and damage. It is a soft, cozy cover for your desk and is placed under your keyboard and mouse. Desk mats functions to improve the ergonomics of your workstation by providing a soft and cushioned surface for your wrists and forearms to rest on.

On the other hand, a wrist rest is a padded support that is placed under the wrists while typing or using a computer mouse. Wrist rests help to keep the wrists in a neutral position, which can help to reduce fatigue, discomfort, and pain. Read more on why you need wrist rests here.


Do you really need a desk mat and wrist rest?

Chances are, your wrists have been silently complaining that they are uncomfortable. After long hours of typing, your wrists will already begin to sore. Let's face it, having a desk mat provides added comfort while using your mouse; while wrist rests ease your wrist fatigue.

Desk mats are like the undergarments of your setup. Not only does it protect the main organs such as the keyboard and mouse, but also it would feel empty without it. To complement these garments, the wrist rest should be beautifully paired with the desk mat. So, they will definitely look good when they come in a set! After all, a matching set is aesthetically pleasing and relaxing for people with OCD (including me!). One of the biggest benefits of desk mats and wrist rests is that they can instantly change the outlook of your desk setup!

The Luffy Gear 5 Set


Not only is the aesthetic aspect important, but these high quality materials are also more resistant to wear and tear. The design and prints never fade away, even after heavy use. Additionally, choosing a desk mat and wrist rest material that suits you can drastically improve the comfort and efficiency of your fingers. Here's a few more reasons why you need desk mats!


Benefits of Desk mats & Wrist Rests

Desk Mat Wrist Rest
Protect your desk surface from spills and cracks Reduce wrist fatigue
Preventing mechanical damage Prevents repetitive strain injuries (RSIs)
Provides a smooth surface for your hands Improves productivity
Hides table surface (only if you absolutely despise it) Maintains good posture

Organize desk Reduces pressure on nerves and tendons
Improve ergonomics, reduce fatigue and discomfort Improves blood flow
Add a touch of your style Easy to use
Reduced noise Affordable
Easy to clean


Benefits of using a desk mat:

Desk mats usually offers protection from scratches, stains, and damage caused by everyday use. This includes scratches from pens and pencils, stains from coffee and tea, and damage from hot objects. Furthermore, it can improve the ergonomics of your workstation by providing a cushioned surface for the wrists and forearms to rest on. This can help to improve overall productivity.

Desk mats can also be used to organize a workstation by providing a designated area for the keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals. This can help to keep the desk tidy and clutter-free. Desk mats come in a variety of colors, materials, and designs, so they can be used to add a touch of style and personality to your workspace! 

Lastly, desk mats can help to reduce the noise of typing and mouse movement. If you have sensitive roommates, family members or neighbors, this tool is perfect for avoiding conflict with the noise. Not to mention it is also easy to clean and maintain and are relatively affordable, making them a great value for the money.


Benefits of using a wrist rest:

Wrist rests can help to reduce fatigue and discomfort in the wrists, hands, and forearms. This is especially important for people who spend long hours typing or using a mouse. More importantly, it prevents repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). RSIs are injuries that are caused by repetitive movements. Using a wrist rest can help to prevent RSIs by keeping the wrists in a neutral position and reducing the amount of force that is needed to type.

When wrists are comfortable and pain-free, people are able to type and use a computer mouse more efficiently and productively. Furthermore, using a wrist rest can help to maintain good posture by keeping the shoulders relaxed and the neck straight. Take a look at the comparison of using and omitting wrist rests.



The awkward wrist position without wrist rests are simply intolerable to look at. Get a wrist rest with good cushioning. Your wrists will thank us later. Some additional benefits which may help certain users include reducing pressure on the nerves and tendons in the wrists and hands. This can help to improve circulation and blood flow to the hands and fingers. This keeps the hands warm and reduce the risk of developing conditions such as Raynaud's syndrome. Lastly, it is very easy to use- simply place it in front of your keyboard and adjust accordingly. Most importantly, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg for you to afford one!


How do I choose the best Desk Mat and Wrist Rest?

There are abundant of desk mat sizes, materials, features and thickness in the market. They all vary in affordability according to these characteristics. To choose the right materials and size, you need to analyze your desk space and shape.

o choose the best desk mat size for your desk, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Size of your desk: Measure the width and depth of your desk to determine the maximum size desk mat that you can fit. Desk dimensions are crucial in choosing your desk mat size! Make sure to measure them before buying. 

  • Items that you will be using on your desk: If you have a lot of items on your desk, such as a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and laptop, you will need a larger desk mat to accommodate them all.

  • Personal preference: Some people prefer to have a desk mat that covers the entire surface of their desk, while others prefer to have a smaller desk mat that only covers the area where they use their keyboard and mouse.

Here is a general guide to choosing the right desk mat size:


We highly recommend you to measure the dimensions of your desk prior to purchasing a desk mat. If you are unsure of which size to choose, it is always better to err on the side of caution and choose a larger desk mat. You can always trim it down to size if needed.


Furthermore, you should consider the shape of your desk. If your desk has an unusual shape, you may need to purchase a custom-made desk mat. Next, you need to think about the placement of your monitor and other peripherals. Make sure that the desk mat will be large enough to accommodate all of your items without crowding them. Lastly, consider the overall aesthetic of your workspace. Choose a desk mat size and color that complements the rest of your décor.


Wrist Rest

Wrist rests are pivotal to ensure a pain-free typing experience. As there are many sizes and lengths of wrist rests in the market, you need to evaluate your keyboard size, desk space and needs. To choose the best desk wrist rest for your desk, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Size: Wrist rests come in a variety of sizes, so it is important to choose one that is the right size for your hands and keyboard. The wrist rest should be wide enough to support your entire wrist, but not so wide that it forces you to reach for your keyboard.
Different size wrist rests
  • Height: Wrist rests also come in a variety of heights. It is important to choose a wrist rest that keeps your wrists in a neutral position. This means that your wrists should be straight and not bent up or down.

  • Material: Wrist rests are made from a variety of materials, such as gel, foam, and memory foam. It is important to choose a material that is comfortable for you and that provides good support.

  • Features: Some wrist rests come with additional features, such as a palm rest, a thumb rest, or a groove for the keyboard. Choose a wrist rest with the features that meets your needs.

  • Aesthetics: There is a sea of wrist rest designs in the market which may match your personality and preferences. Make sure you select a design which makes YOU happy. 


That being said, it is unpleasing to see a mismatched desk mat and wrist rest while working or during leisure. It might be an eyesore for some, but somehow unbothered by others. Thus, The Kapco only provide desk mat and wrist rest sets. We have an array of beautiful designs at your disposal! Feast your eyes on our Neko Collection



Desk Mat  Wrist Rest
Size: 40cm x 90cm Size: 45cm x 8.5 cm
Base: Anti-slip rubber Base: Anti-slip silicone base
Surface: Ultra-smooth micro-woven surface, Water-resistant Surface: Soft sponge stuffing & cloth top
Stitches: Double-stitched edges Stitches: Single-stitched edges
Thickness: 3mm Thickness: 3cm+-
Suitable for: Gaming, Office, All-purpose Suitable for: Gaming, Office, All-purpose



    Simply speaking, adding a desk mat to your setup is a simple way to level up your workspace. Your productivity and creativity can be boosted with a customized desk setup. Not only with desk mats and wrist rests but also with additional monitors, screen bar, keyboard and more! Read more on customizing your desk here. The mat enrich your typing experience by accommodating your tools in one simple space, protects your desk and elevates the aesthetics of your workspace. Whereas wrist rest are essential to keep your wrists pain-free and make your typing experience enjoyable.

    If you're ever worried that the desk mat will limit the space for pen-and-paper writing, you shouldn't be! Desk mats offer a perfectly flat surface, something that isn't always provided by a desk. This makes a desk pad ideal for doing any kind of writing with a pen and paper.

    If you are wondering how to clean a desk mat or wrist rest, you're not alone! A 20-minute job will last you a good few months depending on how you upkeep them.  Anyone who uses one of these items will inevitably get them dirty, but cleaning them is simple and worth the effort.

    Key Takeaway

    Incase it is too much for you to read, here's a TL;DR:

    • It is worthy for a new set of matching desk set and wrist rest for long-term protection and general well-being.

    • Choose a DM and WR based on the space you currently have.

    • Always measure the dimensions of the DM, align it on your desk to see if its a perfect fit.

    • Here at The Kapco, we provide an array of mesmerizing limited-edition designs made from high-quality rubber material. 

    Ready to get comfy in your workspace? Explore our Desk Mat & Wrist Rest Collection, maybe you'll find your favorite desk mat and wrist rest set today!

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