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The new summer edition keycap


The Kap Co. is the new summer edition keycap you need and let me tell you why!



Before anything else, price is the ultimate factor before I purchase anything. I have been interested in investing myself in keycaps...of course, it is all because of TikTok. But, it’s super expensive for one which usually goes over $100.

To my surprise, I have found the best and budget friendly keyboard from The Kap Co. for only $49.98!! What a steal! I’m so glad to find it under $100 and the quality is still superb!


Mechanical Keyboards

It is more than a typing device or gaming device, but it is all about the experience! It creates a whole new typing and gaming experience just for you.

From The Kap Co., I realized that there are many individual keycaps to choose from and with reasonable pricing as well. So, it is very customizable in that sense, from sound profile to aesthetics, just to name a few.


Keycap Profile

Keycaps are a very important factor for me as I’m a fast typer. I want to fully focus on what I'm doing and the overall experience of the board is superb, in terms of sound, feel and the look.

AKKO TOKYO KEYCAPS and CORAL SEA KEYCAPS profiles are classified as sculpted profile, meaning each row of keys has a different shape and height for easy typing.


There are two types of keyboard profiles which are Sculpted (Common term: Cherry, KAT, MT3, OEM, SA) and Uniform profile (Common term: DSA, KAM). The difference is that you can't rearrange sculpted keysets while uniform keysets can!

The keycap materials used by The Kap Co. are made of PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) which is perfect for my preference.

This is because it doesn't come off shiny with use, has a rougher texture which is easier to grasp when typing, and a deeper sound profile (the ASMR enthusiast in me is loving it :)

Hence this type of material is perfect for more creative images printed on the keycaps

Speaking of keycap materials and profiles, the production method of The Kap Co. is dye-sublimation (dye-sub). This type of method is laser-engraved and is infilled by a dye or clay material, filling the cut-out void. Dye- sub method is highly durable as it will never fade away as the time goes by, also you will barely feel them on top of the keycaps.

The Kap Co. offers THE BASE KIT which is the most conventional board layout - in my opinion this is just good enough!

As mentioned there are many individual keycaps, it is important to purchase according to your board’s specific layout and the sizes of the keycaps

I suggest to have a read for more keyboard details at Keyboard University



With Tokyo Olympics 2020 happening now, this just fits perfectly to watch the Olympics or doing your work at your desk!

Both AKKO TOKYO KEYCAPS and CORAL SEA KEYCAPS are just gorgeous as it just reminds me of the spring and summer in Japan.


AKKO TOKYO KEYCAPS are inspired by the falling sakura as you enjoy Mount Fuji across the lake


As for CORAL SEA KEYCAPS, it reminds me of the oriental Japanese culture, were Samurai and Genshi still exist in that era. I’m a big fan of this!


Keyboard Community

It is amazing to see The Kap Co. has a mechanical keyboards community in Discord. It is their customer service chat room operated by a group of youngsters who are keyboard geeks. I find that it is a great way to connect with the community. If you're interested in joining the community, please feel free to do so!

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