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Silent Switches: Beginner Friendly Guide 104

Silent Switches: Beginner Friendly Guide 104

Silent Switches: Beginner Friendly Guide 104

Silent switches are a type of mechanical switch for keyboards. Brands like Cherry manufacture mechanical keyboards that feature these silent switches. These keyboards are typically hot-swappable which means we can swap out the switches on the keyboard freely.

Picture from r/MecanicalKeyboards

What are Silent Switches? 

Silent switches dampen the sound of each keystroke to lower the output sound. The construction of silent switches are a little different from regular switches. Silent switches have rubber padding on their stems to limit the impact of bottoming out and springing back upwards.

Benefits of Using Silent Switches 

  • Quiet keystrokes will not draw unnecessary attention from others.
  • Avoid disturbing others when using mechanical keyboards in public places.
  • Perfect for gamers who want to focus on the game and listen to game sounds.

Should You Get Silent Switches?

Using a mechanical keyboard that features silent switches is a significant upgrade from office membrane keyboard. These silent switches are perfect for office workers and individuals who prefer a quiet typing experience.

Best Silent Switches

Outemu Silent Peach

Outemu Silent Peach

  • These switches are highly quiet and barely outputs any sound unless you press them as hard as you can. They give a moist and smooth feeling. There is a small amount of lube in the inner part of the switches which makes them even quieter.


Outemu Silent Lime

Outemu Silent Lime

  • These switches are completely silenced and are factory-lubed. They provide a strong tactile feeling when actuating. A great pick if you want tactility.

Alternative Ways to Sound-proof a Keyboard 

  1. Lubing stabilizers 

    Stabilizers can be found on the PCB or plate of your keyboard depending on the type of stabilizers you are using. To lube your stabilizers, simply remove the shift and spacebar keycap on your keyboard to apply lube into the sides of your stabilizers.

  2. Lubing switches
    To lube your switches, you need to first take apart the switches. Using a switch lube, you can lube many parts of your switches. These include spring, bottom housing, top housing and stem. Lubing switches can make your keystrokes quieter. However, do not overlube your switches as it will make your switches feel mushy and unresponsive.

  3. Installing O-rings
    Remove the keycaps on your keyboard and place O-rings in the keycap stems. This will cushion the impact of bottoming out and reduce feedback.

  4. Using deskmat
    This is the simplest way. Put a deskmat under your keyboard and it will act as a cushion and absorb some sounds.


  • Silent switches provide the most quiet typing experience.
  • Silent switches are great if you do not want to disturb others when using a mechanical keyboard.
  • O-rings, lube and desk mats can be used to reduce keystroke feedback.
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