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Product of the Month: Vibing in Nihon

Product of the Month: Vibing in Nihon

Product of the Month: Vibing in Nihon

Spoiler Alert: You're Going to Obsess Over This Month's MVP

In a world overflowing with amazing products, choosing the best can be tough. That's why we're launching our 'Product of the Month' initiative beginning January 2024! Each month, we'll be highlighting a few standout items that deserve special attention, whether it's for its quality, functionality, or awesome designs.


You must be wondering: “What are the perks I get from the product of the month?” If you’re an indecisive shopper like me (the author), you can easily trust our team of designers to help you decide! We have curated an awesome list of must-try items for you. Boost your productivity, elevate your style, or simply spark joy – our Product of the Month (POTM) promises to make your month extra special with our jaw-dropping discounts.


Budget Blowout? No way! This Month's Pick Offers Big Value with a Small Price Tag

We are proud to announce that our product of the month is granted a 25% discount only for January 2024! As if our monthly promo codes aren’t already a steal, you can save even more with a POTM purchase! You must be curious what our featured products are for this month. We have the answers to your curiosity below.


Q: What is January’s Product of the Month?

January’s highlight is celebrating the magnificence of Japan’s beauty. If you have never travelled to this exquisite country, let these keycaps bring you on a magic ride. We bring you not one, not two, but THREE Japan-inspired keycaps for this month! To kickstart this campaign, we present to you: The KapCo’s Top 3 picks of the month. Enjoy the same discount for any of the keycaps below:


Keycaps of the month

Kyoto keycaps truly capture the essence of Kyoto, a charming rural trademark of Japan. Decorated with key landmarks of the city and cherry blossoms (sakura), this set is simply breathtaking and amplifies your appreciation for the rich Japanese culture.


Tokyo Day and Night is self-explanatory. Simple, elegant and perfectly represents the bustling capital. Whether day or night, there is always something to love about the sophisticated design of these keycap sets.


Q: Where can I find information about the current Product of the Month?

Stay tuned to The KapCo news articles and follow us on our socials to keep up-to-date with our monthly specials and discounts. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our newsletter for a 10% discount and receive immediate news on the product of the month and other exclusive offers!


Q: What if I miss the opportunity to buy the Product of the Month?

Don't worry! While the Product of the Month status lasts for a month, the product itself might still be available for purchase even after the feature is over. We also consider popular past Products of the Month for future restocks or special campaigns.


Your favorite designer keycaps set is just one click away. You can shop for these keycaps of the month in The KapCo webstore under KapCo Originals. Get 25% off your Nihon keycaps NOW!



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