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MOA Profile: Typing Bliss - The Kapco

MOA Profile: Typing Bliss

MOA Profile: Typing Bliss

MOA Profile: Typing Bliss

What exactly is the MOA keycaps?


MOA keycaps are a relatively new type of keycap profile that is quickly gaining popularity among keyboard enthusiasts in China. These adorable keycaps are known for their cute aesthetic, ergonomic design, and durable construction. It is designed to improve comfort, reduce fatigue, and increase typing speed and accuracy. It is characterized by its unique sculpted design, which features a scooped-out center and raised edges.

Comfort at your fingertips


What makes MOA different from the rest is the level of comfort your fingertips feel at the touch of the keycaps. The sculpted profile of MOA keycaps helps to elevate comfort, even during long periods of typing. The sculpted profile also makes it easier to find and press the correct keys, which can lead to improved typing speed and accuracy (FYI, sculpted profiles have a slight angle to avoid overstretching your fingers). Additionally, the deep curvature of each profile adds a touch of stability and comfort while typing. Your fingers may feel as if they are stroking marshmallows rather than keycaps on a mechanical keyboard.


MOA Profile Assets

Seeing that this keycap profile is new in the market, it is only right to elucidate the advantages of this profile in contrast with others. The table below demonstrates the benefits of utilizing the MOA keycaps.


Characteristics Details
Ergonomic  Unique sculpted design, deep concave curvature for everlasting comfort on your fingertips.


Made from high-quality PBT materials to withstand heavy use.

The keycaps are also 1.5mm thick, which is thicker than some other keycaps on the market.


Variety of colors and designs, including some that are specifically designed to be cute


Compatible with all MX-style switches and their clones including popular brands such as Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh. 


Easier to find and press the correct keys, improve typing speed and accuracy.


MOA vs Cherry Profile


Now, I know what you're thinking: What can I gain from using this profile compared to the rest, especially the all-time-favorite Cherry profile? Cherry Profile keycaps can be found on almost all the generic mechanic keyboards. It has a pronounced curve, which makes it feel comfortable to type on. They are a good choice for typists who want a comfortable typing experience and a more premium look and feel for their keyboard. They are made from high-quality materials and are often double-shot molded, which means that the legends are printed on the keycaps rather than being stickers. However, MOA profile provides all that, and more! The comfort felt on your fingertips are on another level with the MOA profile. The illustration below displays the comparison of Cherry and MOA profile.

Cherry Profile vs MOA Profile

Note: Cherry profile keycaps range from 0.8-1.5mm thickness.


The quality assurance of the MOA Profile is evident with a standardized keycap thickness of 1.5mm. Referencing from the illustration above, the curvature of the MOA profile is clearly visible, indicating the increased comfort and ergonomic design of the profile. However, this does not mean that the Cherry profile is less comfortable, it merely implies the comfort is based on the curvature of the keycaps. Ultimately, the judgment is made based on individual preference.


KapCo's No.1 MOA Profile Keycaps

This newly-launched keycaps are ready and up for grabs! The design is inspired by the serenity of looking up at the sky, watching the clouds pass by on a cloudy evening. What a luxury. Get these exquisite design and give the MOA profile a try!

Mocankeys Cloud Keycaps




The MOA keycap profile is a relatively new keycap profile, but it is quickly gaining attention from users around the world. Among the other sculpted keycaps, the MOA keycap has one of the deepest concave curvature. Besides, the MOA keycaps offer a number of benefits, such as improved ergonomics, durability, aesthetics and accuracy. As the MOA keycap profile becomes more popular, we can expect to see more and more MOA keycaps available on the market.


Check out more keycap designs, profiles, keyboards and collections only @The Kapco. Thanks for reading!

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