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MDA Keycaps: Experience the Difference - The Kapco

MDA Keycaps: Experience the Difference

MDA Keycaps: Experience the Difference

MDA Keycaps: Experience the Difference

If you're looking for a keycap profile that offers the best of all worlds, look no further than MDA keycaps. MDA keycaps are low-profile, uniform, and have a slightly sculpted design, making them incredibly comfortable to type on for extended periods of time. They also produce a satisfying sound profile that is sure to please any keyboard enthusiast.

But MDA keycaps are more than just comfortable and great-sounding. They're also incredibly stylish. With a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect set of MDA keycaps to match your keyboard and personal style.


Source: MDA profile keycaps, Amazon


Key Features and Advantages

MDA keycaps are often confused with XDA keycaps. Stemming from the similar uniformity to both being low profile, gamers and typists choose their profiles based on their personal style and preference. To understand this keycap better, here are some of the key features and advantages of MDA keycaps:


Key Features Description
Low profile

MDA keycaps are lower in profile than most other keycap profiles, such as Cherry or OEM. This makes them more comfortable to type on for extended periods of time.


Uniform height

All of the keys in an MDA keycap set are the same height. This creates a flat surface for your fingers to glide across, which can improve typing speed and accuracy.



MDA keycaps are compatible with most mechanical keyboard switches. This means that you can use them with a wide variety of mechanical keyboards.



MDA keycaps are known for their comfortable typing experience. The low profile and uniform height of the keys help to reduce fatigue and discomfort.



MDA keycaps are typically made from PBT plastic and high-quality PBT Dye Sublimation, ensuring a long-lasting and great feel for typing.



MDA keycaps typically produce a lower-pitched sound compared to XDA keycaps.



MDA keycaps are typically more expensive than XDA and Cherry keycaps.



MDA keycaps are still quite new in the market, it is not as widely available as Cherry, XDA, SA and OEM keycaps.


Ergonomic Design

Suspended low keycap and a slightly curved layout is  easy to install and gives you a lasting and comfortable experience.





The MDA keycap profile is a relatively new keycap profile that is quickly gaining popularity. It is a low-profile keycap profile with a uniform height and a slightly sculpted design. This makes it a good compromise between the Cherry profile and the XDA profile. Above is a comparison between XDA and MDA. To know more about XDA keycaps, check out this informative article: Discover the Beauty and Versatility of XDA Keycaps


If you're wondering what are the key differences between MDA and other keycap profiles, do have a read on Everything You Need to Know About Keycap ProfilesThe functionality and practicality of each keycap profile depends on your personal preferences and typing style. If you are a gamer, you may prefer a low-profile keycap like MDA. 



At The KapCo, we offer Cherry, XDA, KOL, MOA & MDA (Coming Soon). All our keycaps are also made of high quality PBT material resistant to wear and tear! Shop @TheKapCo to find the perfect keycaps for your keyboard and enhance your typing experience now!


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