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Keyboard of the Month: GMK67

Keyboard of the Month: GMK67

Keyboard of the Month: GMK67


Looking for a budget yet quality mechanical keyboard? Look no further than the phenomenal GMK67. Wondering how is this keyboard the best choice for beginners? Read more about it here! If its special features doesn't convince you, here's a few reason why you would not regret buying the GMK67. Apart from the affordable pricing and high quality build, this mechanical keyboard is perfect for first-timers looking to customize their setup. 

We have compiled a number of commonly-asked questions in this guide. We hope that with these answers, you will understand the GMK67 better and perhaps, add it to your collection. Read on to know how this keyboard is crowned keyboard of the month by The KapCo!



1. What is the GMK67?

The GMK67 is a 66-keys keyboard with a 65% layout. It's a notable keyboard manufactured and released by Zuoya, a renowned keyboard studio. It features a polycarbonate plate, a poron gasket mount, a tri-mode wireless connection, and a cool knob. It is the best DIY keyboard in the market within your budget. The GMK67 keyboard offers a functional RGB, hot swappable switches and is essential for anyone looking to try customization.

Zuoya GMK67 Barebone kit


2. Does the GMK67 have a battery?

This keyboard has a built-in 3000mAh battery, which is really convenient to bring around for work or travelling purposes. With its lightweight properties, it is also portable and conducive to use on-the-go. By utilizing the Bluetooth or wireless connection method, you won't need the USB-C wire to use while travelling. The 3000mAh battery will approximately last for 15-20 hours per charging cycle. This makes it a very useful and portable tool!


3. Is the GMK67 wireless?

Yes, and more! The Zuoya GMK 67 has three connection methods. The traditional, go-to option is wired; which comes with a USB to Type-C cable. You can also opt for a wireless  2.4 GHz connection with the included dongle. The last method is via Bluetooth connection to up to three devices. The wireless options are convenient for work and travel; while the wired options is great when used in a desk setup. 

GMK67 Mechanical Keyboard - Purple


4. How do I control RGB on the GMK67?

Here's a quick guide on basic configuration of the RGB lighting:

Controls RGB Backlight and Animations:
FN+ ↑  RGB backlight brightness Increase
FN+ ↓ RGB backlight brightness decrease
FN+ ← Switch RGB dynamic backlight direction
FN+ → Switch RGB backlight color
FN+ [ RGB backlight speed decrease.
FN+ ] RGB backlight speed increase

This amazing keyboard already has 20 preset RGB modes that you can cycle through. You can also customize your own RGB modes with the Macro driver software that is available for download.

5. How many switches needed for GMK67?

As the name suggests, you will need 67 switches for this keyboard. As this is a 65% keyboard, a lesser number of switches is needed for this keyboard to be functional. You may choose among the many switches that The KapCo provide, mainly Outemu, Gateron, CIY Primaris and more. Shop for switches in our store.



6. What switches are compatible with GMK67?

The GMK67 mechanical keyboard features hot-swappable switch sockets. This means you can choose your preferred switch; whether linear, tactile or clicky. Simply install the desired switch, and voila- you have yourself a magnififent keyboard! Do ensure your switches are either 3 or 5 pin as this keyboard is only compatible with these two types of switches. Furthermore, you can choose between any Cherry MX switch and its clones, mainly Outemu, Gateron and so on.


7. How many keys does the GMK67 have?

The GMK 67 Mechanical Keyboard has 66 Keys. Fortunately, all The KapCo's keycaps can accommodate this number of keycaps. You can select different profiles such as Cherry, KSA, KOL, MOA and XDA according to your preferences. There is a plethora of designs ready for you to slap onto your new GMK67 keyboard! Select a design that perfectly matches your aesthetics- whether cute, cool, elegant or mysterious. Shop by collections here.

8. Is the GMK67 plastic?

Is the GMK67 made entirely out of plastic? Not exactly. Only the outer layer of the keyboard is made from high-quality plastic but is still sturdy and rigid. The aluminum knob is also a special feature of the keyboard. Furthermore, the new revision of the Zuoya GMK67 includes a PET/LDPE plastic sheet without punch outs.

9. Is GMK67 65%?

The answer is: Yes. The GMK67 is a 65% keyboard, compact with quality functions. This makes it an excellent choice for any beginner looking into customizing keyboards! The GMK67 kit features a quality keyboard base with tri-connection modes: 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth, and USB-C wire. 

10. Is the GMK67 programmable?

The GMK67 comes with its own driver, which is fully programmable. At the same time, there is also a multi-function knob design. Again, the function of the knob can be manipulated from the driver. With this, it makes it easier to control multimedia and technicalities! This board is also anti-ghosting, implying that it can register multiple key presses at once without any conflict or delay.

11. Is GMK67 aluminium?

The GMK67 is an alloy. It has a stainless steel shaft and RGB connector. The mechanical keyboard is made of aluminum alloy material, which is durable and has a long service life. The only aluminum feature it has is the knob used to adjust audio. 


12. Is the GMK67 compatible with Windows or IOS?

Fun fact: The Kapco GMK67 mechanical keyboard is compatible with BOTH systems!


  • Windows: The keyboard works well with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and other Windows operating systems. You can use all the functions of the keyboard without any problem on Windows devices.
  • Mac OS: The keyboard works well with Mac OS X and other Mac operating systems. You can use most of the functions of the keyboard on Mac devices, except for some FN key combinations that may not work properly.



The GMK67 is undoubtedly the best budget mechanical keyboard with all these fantastic features. If you are looking for a good keyboard to customize, this kit is an excellent start. You may begin with a cheaper and low-maintenance keyboard and work your way up to upgrading your setup. 

We hope that this FAQ section has cleared your doubts regarding this product and given you a clear understanding. If you have further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us via email or drop us a dm in our socials. 

Thanks for dropping by!

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