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A Universe of Creativity

A Universe of Creativity

A Universe of Creativity

 What is this magnificent keyboard universe made of?


The keyboard world is in a frenzy with the sudden surge in customizing mechanical keyboards. The demand of the trendiest keycap designs, switches and new keyboard layouts are an all-time-high. While many are have their favorite brands, some are open to test out products from emerging brands. One such company is Creative Universe.



Creative Universe is a keycap brand focusing on bringing the highest grade of keycaps accompanied with cool and chic designs. Their trademark is collaborating with artists to create specially-crafted keycap designs. These exclusive keycaps aren’t only nice to look at but they are also perfectly sculpted with the best quality materials!


Imagine a universe where creativity knows no limit, where everyone is welcomed to share their innovations with the world. That’s what Creative Universe envisions while working tireless to make these designs come to life. Seeing your brand on a keyboard has never been easier. This opportunity befell on Mintion, an aspiring artist who has a very distinct art style. Working with Creative Universe, they released a very colorful and premium keycaps set!



 Rapper Keycaps

The design may look cluttered at the first glance, but upon close inspection, the minute details are truly a work of art. These beautiful Rapper keycaps can add a fun pop of color to your keyboard setup and instantly brighten your day! Matching it with the correct keyboard is also essential; keep it neat with a simple-colored keyboard.

 Ghost Keycaps

Ghost Keycaps

Creative Universe has also joined forces with a Web3 brand, Weirdo Ghost Gang to incorporate their art onto keycaps. Weirdo Ghost Gang AKA “Lil Ghost” is a Web3 native IP incubated by ManesLAB. They amplify creative content and embodies their motto: “OUTA THE BOX, BE A WEIRDO”. This can be seen in their specially designed keycaps with their signature ghostly presence gracing the keycaps.

 Graffiti Party Keycaps

Undoubtedly, Creative Universe has also released their own designs created by their own creative designers. This keycap set is inspired by eye-catching street art, spray-painting the town in a flurry of colors. With every cap a different design, it all comes together as a stunning work of art. These keycaps are curated for users loving splashes of neon colors. Have a graffiti part of your own with this dashing set of keycaps!


Creative Universe has truly created something beautiful. Not only are they delivering quality products to the keyboard market, but also introduces the universe of mechanical keyboards to the world. Their collaboration with artists and brands have paved the way for many aspiring keycap studios to continue their efforts in promoting the keycaps scene. Creative Universe also provides different keycap profiles from ASA to Cherry to suit your personal touch. 


Brand Highlights: 

  • Collaborates with local artists & popular brands such as Mintion & WGG
  • Uses premium materials (PBT & PBTPC)
  • Various Keycap profiles - ASA, Cherry & MDA (coming soon) 
  • Compatible with all Cherry MX / MX Style switches
  • Does not wear and tear after long use- Delicately designed and well crafted 


If you are looking for something fun and comfortable, you should definitely check out the uprising Creative Universe Collection. If you're concerned on what profile might suit your typing the best, do check out our guide to keycap profiles for a better understanding. This series is definitely worth checking out. There will be more keycap collaborations coming your way soon. 

Stay tuned!

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